We have already shared with you 5 of the warning signs that suggest it is time you invest in a CMMS, but what is it that makes this transition an investment? The truth is that Computerised Maintenance Management System are not only tools that will optimise your maintenance operations and boost the productivity of your team, but also that will significantly reduce your running costs.

Here are a few ways in which a CMMS can help you save money:

1. Productivity enhancement

You’ve probably heard the phrase “time is money”. Well… the rumours are true. Consider the time wasted manually assembling reports, tracking key performance indicators and managing schedules and imagine how much better it could be spent completing on more productive tasks.

Furthermore, a CMMS’ planning functionalities will maximise your labour resources through better planning and scheduling of your team’s operations.

2. Fewer equipment breakdowns

When equipment is not properly maintained, it will eventually lead to periods of downtime whilst your technicians fix the problem. This is not only costly in a monetary sense, but also in terms of your reputation with clients who will be frustrated by the inactivity or incomplete delivery of services.

A CMMS allows you to schedule, track and review Preventive Maintenance plans whose ultimate purpose is to avoid unexpected equipment breakdowns which will save you precious money.

You can learn more about Preventive Maintenance by reading our articles on the benefits of Preventive Maintenance vs Corrective Maintenance, on how to do Preventive Maintenance or on the difference between Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.

3. Extended asset lifetimes and optimise asset costs

The aforementioned Preventive Maintenance plans which you can track with a CMMS will extend the lifetime of your assets by having them regularly maintained before any malfunctions show up.

But there’s more! Thanks to the CMMS’ tracking capabilities, you’ll have instant access to insights which will help you decide between repairing or replacing any given piece of equipment. These will always be based on various metrics such as age, running hours or miles covered. 

4. Better inventory and parts management

A CMMS can help you keep track of your stock and therefore to avoid delayed maintenance due to unavailability of necessary equipment or spare parts. You can enjoy a much more comprehensive overview of your inventory which will help you to avoid both overstocking and understocking as the CMMS will provide accessible data on your current available quantities of materials and spare parts.

5. Cost management functionalities

A CMMS like Infraspeak will allow you to register and properly identify all sorts of expenses including those related to Materials, Trips, or Resources (such as machinery or skilled labour). This will allow you to generate more in-depth reports and to make more accurate estimates regarding budgets and the development of works from an economic standpoint.

With these and other functions (such as better energy use, identification of problem areas and aided compliance with laws and regulations), it is hard to argue (but impossible) against the cost-saving capacities of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems.

We advise you to evaluate your ROI of a CMMS, closely taking into account the yearly cost of such a system and the money you expect to annually save from adopting it.

Learn more about this and other maintenance-related subjects on Infraspeak’s Complete Guide to Maintenance!