Hotel managers, regardless of the number of rooms under management, face the daily task of ensuring that guests are satisfied whilst trying to do everything in their power to keep operational failures from affecting the smooth running of things and negatively impacting the guests’ experience. To overcome this at times logistically complicated challenge, hotel managers need a great team, appropriate tools, reliable infrastructure support and to use all types of efficient processes. If they are stuck with outdated methods like failure reporting sheets, paper reports, and checklists, they will not be able to devote as much time to what really matters: guest satisfaction.

Maintenance management software, is it for me?

Small hotels with fewer members of staff that need to complete several roles at once benefit a lot from using innovative technology to manage maintenance operations. It allows managers to free up and maximise the efficiency of staff’s time and keeps them focused on profitability and turnover. Furthermore, having fewer rooms means that small hotels will be affected more considerably by long periods of unavailability that prevent guests from renting them.

If your hotel’s operations are dependent on manual, paper-based processes, it is time to understand why taking your maintenance plan to the next level and following suit on industry trends is paramount.

In the next part of this article, we will try to help you understand the main challenges faced every day by hotel maintenance teams and how they can easily by solved by automation tools:

Problems with Team Integration and Communication

A single tool can allow the housekeeping team to report on failures which are then automatically sent to the maintenance team avoiding issues in  communication and information loss.

Monitoring equipment and buildings in real time.

Owning just one building and running only a few rooms does not necessarily equate to mamaging a small number of devices or actions. Being able to control in real-time both the equipment’s condition and team performance, failure status and other information is essential to streamline the workload of managers- even in small hotels.

Organising information.

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be if you could access all information regarding your equipment, rooms and failures through a single platform? Keeping information organised is paramount to streamlining your daily routines, and an accumulation of paper over the years leads to an excess of administrative work and, eventually, chaos.

Cost reduction.

Every organisation, from small companies to giant corporations, aims to reduce costs without jeopardising the quality of service provided. Maintenance management software increase savings not only through increasing the equipment’s operating life but also by reducing costs related to failures and technicians, that become more cost-effective when better managed.

Increased Profits

By automating maintenance interventions, operations become more profitable. The number of unavailable rooms is reduced, teams become more agile and efficient, information is more easily distributed and decision making becomes easier and more informed. On top of this, it frees up time in managers’ agendas, which can be used to focus on guest satisfaction and customer acquisition.

Maintenance management software such as Infraspeak improve the performance of a hotel irrespective of its size. Don’t miss out!

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