The market for building management systems has changed rapidly in recent years mainly due to technological developments and the integration of intelligent systems. In this article, we will learn how to conduct building management and what the best methods to use.

Building management includes quality optimisation and cost control, budget balancing, maintenance audits and the regular monitoring of products and service. From controlling lighting, fire alarm to elevators and checking up on electrical circuits for entire buildings, there are several points that must be included in the management of buildings. But how can we optimise building management?

Define who’s responsible

In building management it is very important to clearly define who is in charge of what. Each building and asset must be assigned specific technicians. In a hotel, for example, a maintenance technician and a member of the housekeeping team may be responsible for the room.

Organise tasks

It becomes easier for the team to know the exact location of where a failure has been reported and who it has been assigned to resolve the task. By having well-identified buildings and locations (quantity, type etc.), it becomes much easier to access and filter through your different projects and their developments.

Define reports by building

For good management of buildings, you should have access to complete reports of the work carried out in each building. In Infraspeak, for example, the manager can see, from the web interface, updated data on corrective and preventive maintenance plans, stock management, costs, labour, among others.

Train employees

It is essential to train technicians and employees on how to use safety equipment and systems. Many managers spend money on pieces of equipment that staff don’t know how to use properly. This is can lead to improper usage and is a poor use of resources.

Update security procedures

Security procedures should be regularly updated and adapted so that your systems are not vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated hacking and intrusive practices. Even if a security system with equipment, procedures and infrastructure is installed, management should not be accommodated.

Good building management allows for you to optimise the energy efficiency of your assets, to maximise the value of the building and to increase levels of comfort for all users.

Once they are workplaces, the functionality and harmony of buildings are two of the main characteristics to keep. The productivity of workers has the ability to affect – positively or negatively – the results of the organization.

With Infraspeak, building management can be much easier. Using our application, it is possible to view all document types (access to datasheets, history of interventions etc.); to manage Preventive and Corrective Maintenance; to use calendars to make intuitive plans; to manage failure reports and much more. All this is possible using a single mobile app and will provide you with the smoothest maintenance management experience you could possibly imagine!

Talk to us and find out how Infraspeak can help you optimize building management.