Predictive Maintenance, also known as condition-based maintenance, is a form of proactive maintenance which aims to predict when failures might occur and prevent them before they take place.


How does it work?

Unlike Preventive Maintenance, which is based on readings and information taken from previously defined schedules and statistics, Predictive Maintenance is based on information taken from the live physical or operating condition of equipment when the maintenance is being completed. 


By using advanced techniques such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, acoustic, infrared testing and thermal imaging, you are able to consistently monitor and test the condition of the asset in question to predict the occurrence of a failure before it ever happens. 


When certain undesirable conditions are detected, then a repair is scheduled before an actual failure happens. This way, it is ensured that the repairs are both necessary and timely, which isn’t always the case with Preventive or Reactive Maintenance.


This approach is suitable for high-priority equipment upon which your company’s operations depend, and should only be used for assets which have a high replacement cost. 


What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The fact that, as mentioned above, it isn’t based on hard schedules or statistics, avoids unnecessary maintenance actions, including part replacements, with no actual advantage, which will end up saving you a lot of time and money on the long run.


However, since there is a need to invest in specific monitoring equipment and personnel training to properly use it and interpret the data collected, the implementation of a Predictive Maintenance strategy is much more expensive than the alternatives.

However, given the high investment costs in specific monitoring equipment and the considerable degree of training that your staff will need to interpret the data, implementing a Predictive Maintenance strategy is much more expensive than the alternatives. For this reason, we
 recommend that your maintenance strategy incorporates various different approaches to maintenance, adapting to the requirements of each piece of equipment.


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Did you know?

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