A TV Series. Sports. Facilities management.

Two of these should be filled with plot twists, high emotions, and chaos. The other one, not so much. 

Hotel maintenance management is one of the most challenging types of facilities management around. The hospitality industry comes with a wide array of unique problems and risks. Each night a bedroom needs a repair is a direct loss of money and diminished occupation capacity. If the problem extends to the whole floor, we’re looking at a tenfold loss, or worse.

Hotel maintenance software impacts significantly the business outcome, hence its importance and the need to look for the finer solution. An Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP) for hotel maintenance management is the answer to gaining full control of your operations, but we’ll be there in a minute.

Hotel maintenance strategy – a complex case

Hotels are highly dynamic, complex ecosystems. 

On the more concrete (pun intended) side of things, there are physical facilities to be taken care of, the need for equipment in pristine condition and all sorts of systems, from the electrical to plumbing, or HVAC. 

As an industry constantly monitored by authorities and customers alike, hospitality also needs to deal with the legal side of things – Service Level Agreements, compliances and the ever-growing rating system in booking platforms.

Last, but not least, hotels have all sorts of teams in their operation. The housekeeping team, receptionists and other front office staff, and of course the maintenance technicians to solve equipment failures.

Keeping all of this running smoothly and coping with today’s challenges requires tomorrow’s solutions. A flexible, interconnected system that facilitates communication, enhances reporting and analysis and is able to cater to one’s needs. IMMP is the most advanced and comprehensive solution – if you’re looking for an in-depth explanation of why IMMP is the MVP of Maintenance 5.0, please refer to our article on the subject

Why IMMP is the ideal solution for hotel maintenance management

Imagine the following situation: whilst cleaning a bedroom, the housekeeping team finds a leaking faucet in the bathroom. Using Infraspeak Direct, housekeepers report the equipment failure, hence alerting several parties – the receptionists are informed and can swiftly change a customer’s booked bedroom; maintenance technicians are instantly alerted in order to solve the arousing situation. In the blink of an eye, three different teams are communicating, the repair can be dealt with accordingly and the customer’s experience isn’t impacted negatively.

An IMMP solution doesn’t end with easier communications, though. Once near the equipment, the maintenance technicians can access the equipment’s manuals, the intervention history on the very same faucet and the life cycle of the asset. 

As hospitality industry experts know, a simple problem like the one described can lead to a small crisis and loss of money if not dealt with adequately. Hotel Maintenance Management is a tricky game, but tools such as IMMPs exist to turn complex cases into simple fait-divers.

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Preventive maintenance is the name of the game

In order to improve hotel maintenance, facility managers should seek routine maintenance as the golden standard, as opposed to its reactive counterpart. Needless to say, maintenance teams will always have some degree of unpredictability and problems that should be dealt with in a reactive fashion – that doesn’t mean that such problems cannot be reduced or more easily solved. 

Remember when we said that facilities management should avoid chaos, plot twists and emotions running high? The ideal way to do that is by avoiding problems instead of seeking answers to issues. With an IMMP you can effortlessly track an asset’s condition, lifecycle and interventions log, thus improving risk assessment. In a 24/7 sector that thrives on cost-saving solutions, facility managers should pursue the most intelligent, insightful, stress-free and future-proof tools available. Intelligent Maintenance Management Platforms are precisely that.

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