The role of a hotel’s maintenance department is to ensure that all facilities and equipment are maintained in good condition and are functioning smoothly so as to reduce the risk of interruptions to the running of the hotel.

Having access to high quality information brings a competitive edge to any enterprise as it is the key  to all decisions, the basis for knowledge acquisition within the company and the instigator for new business ideas. In much the same way, well organised data is essential for good hotel maintenance. 


The Importance of Having Well Organised Information in Reactive Maintenance

Every reactive maintenance intervention in a hotel should be registered to help identify the source of any given failure. Recording these interventions allows hotels to correct operational procedures, to identify the improper or excessive use of equipment as well as other causes of repeating malfunctions.


Ensuring a well organised reactive maintenance strategy helps to accelerate processes and to improve the experience provided to guests. It is therefore very important to get it right!


Housekeeping as a support to reactive maintenance

Housekeeping has a direct impact on customer experience. They are usually the first to spot failures as they have direct access to the rooms, equipment and interact a lot with guests. Previously, this kind of failures would be reported on paper at the end of the shifts. This left a lot of room for information to be forgotten or rushed when recorded. However, with innovative solutions like Infraspeak Direct, the housekeeping team can report on failures immediately, speeding up and improving the reporting process.


On a similar note, the welcome team can ensure a guest is satisfied from the moment they arrive. By using Infraspeak Direct, a receptionist can see if a reserved room is unavailable due to an unforeseen problem and send the guest to another room that is ready. The app means that the housekeeping and maintenance teams can now access this information in a single platform and communicate far more intelligently.


The Advantages of Having Organized Information in Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is vital within the hospitality industry as all equipment must work efficiently and without any issues being spotted by guests. For this to be possible, maintenance technicians need to have access to a number of key details for each piece of equipment. Including:

  • Instruction manuals;
  • Intervention records;
  • A Preventive maintenance calendar;
  • Data on the life cycle of the equipment;

Due to the incredible abundance of information in a hotel,  it is very important to properly organised all this information or it becomes very difficult to achieve an effective preventive maintenance programme.

As well as simply allowing you to keep everything neat, having well organised information can lead to more reliable and useful data. By having access to the entire equipment record, both the managers and the maintenance technicians are better prepared for more informed decision making. Infraspeak and other maintenance software solutions have made keeping detailed records a widely accessible, easy and useful task.

Maintenance as a strategic investment

Maintenance in a hotel should be seen as a strategic investment. Continuous investment in maintenance has a direct positive impact not only on the hotels’ equipment and facilities but also on guests’ experience.

An increase in available rooms, will generate more revenue and improve the number of satisfied guests. Equipment failures have a direct impact on operations, leading to more complicated problems as it may compromise customer loyalty and satisfaction. To minimize the risk of these problems, maintenance should be considered an investment and not an expense as it will reduce costs in both the medium and long-term.

Learn how to improve hotel maintenance with Infraspeak, a maintenance management platform that reduces failure resolution times, eliminates paperwork and provides operational control by generating automated reports and other indicators. Talk to one of our specialists!