A successful management depends on several processes in full operation. Just like a set of gears, everyone must work in sync, following perfect rhythm and harmony. When you read this description, it might even seem a bit poetic, right? But whoever is on the front lines of managing a company knows how this perfect dance represents a real challenge.

In maintenance and facilities management, the case is not different. Managers have the mission of coordinating an internal multidisciplinary team, field technicians, customers and a multitude of assets, equipment and processes.

To get the job done, intelligent maintenance management platforms have become a real right-hand man to managers. And the more they allow integrations with other tools, the better.

Infraspeak is the tool that offers the most integrations in the market. If you still don’t know all the potential it can offer to improve your work, this article is for you.

Top 5 Integrations with Infraspeak

A maintenance manager knows very well how many programs and software it takes to have the work done. Each one meets a different need, such as document organization, accounting or inventory management.

The great problem of working with different programs and software – and individually – is that transforming this information into strategic data must be done manually. Which takes time and it sure is much more susceptible to errors.

That’s the reason why integrations into a maintenance management platform are so important. By bringing the entire operation together into one place, you’ve got in your hands a powerful tool that allows you to transform a world of information into possibilities and actual actions.

Keep reading to discover five of the main integrations available in Infraspeak and how they can contribute to the efficiency of your operations. 

Sales & CRM

In an increasingly competitive market, experience and relationships become very important differentials to boost sales and maintain a loyal customer base. Therefore, sales management software or CRMs – Customer Relationship Management – have been progressively important to manage an operation.

Discover four of those (+ one of the best accounting software) that can be integrated with Infraspeak:


By integrating this software with our maintenance management platform, you’ll be able to optimise the billing and accounting process, thus making management more efficient.


An efficient solution to simplify sales and billing processes. Quickbooks Online generates and sends the corresponding invoice to your customer.


This is a leads and customer requests management automation software. Essential for creating effective marketing actions and contributing to increased sales.


Integrating Xero with Infraspeak can help you get rid of paperwork, spend less time managing invoices and stay on top of your spending, effectively automating and simplifying your whole selling process. Learn more about this integration.


You’ve probably heard that data is worth more than petrol, haven’t you? This is because we currently live in the information age. Infraspeak already provides a lot of strategic data for your operation, but, if interested, you can complement your information universe by integrating the platform with other analytics tools.

Power BI

The acronym BI – Business Intelligence – already indicates the purpose of this software. It creates custom reports and helps you get information to make more strategic decisions in your operation.


Building Intelligence System, or BISYS, is a tool for technical management. In other words, you’ll be able to access information and data about your equipment and assets, including video surveillance.


Inventory management can be a huge challenge for maintenance and facilities managers. With these integrations, you’ll have automatic stock updates, completed task updates and you can also integrate new material requests.


More efficiency for your billing process. It allows you to Integrate your inventory with Infraspeak and to quickly and efficiently synchronize your customers, inventory and sales.


Another tool for synchronizing your inventory with billing. Plus, it integrates teams, customers, jobs and more.


Synchronization of inventory, contacts, orders and services.


One more tool to help you save time and resources. It helps you be faster and more efficient in managing billing, controlling inventory and managing contacts and employees. Moreover, SAGE helps you work in accordance with applicable legislation.


The more connected we are, the more subject to distractions we get. For that reason, some tools can be a saving grace when it comes to organizing the routine, planning demands and dealing with the daily challenge of maintaining productivity.

Google Calendar, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook

These tools need no introduction. Mainly because they’re already part of your day-to-day life, whether you want to invite clients to meetings or schedule technical work. But, when integrated with Infraspeak, they can do a lot more, such as sharing work plans automatically via email.

Route optimization

Finally, another challenge for maintenance managers and FM is related to route management in allocating demands for field technicians. How can you optimise distances, time spent on each client and, of course, the cost of travel? This includes the task of optimising distances, time spent on each client, and, of course, the cost of travel, which can be addressed effectively with the use of advanced route planning software solution.

Rota Exata

Rota Exata is a tool that, when integrated with Infraspeak, helps you plan your technicians workdays. With it, you can calculate more efficient routes, with flexibility for unforeseen events – which, as we all know, happens more often than we’d like. The result is a management tool that not only saves time and money, but also contributes to a less stressful work routine for your team.

Are you ready to have a much more strategic and integrated maintenance management in your company? Don’t waste any more time!

Talk to one of our specialists and find out how to make your operations more integrated and intelligent with Infraspeak.