In a world that gets more complex by the minute, with increasingly sophisticated infrastructures, stricter regulations and customers who expect nothing less than excellent service, integration is key.


Nowadays, it’s crucial to maintain alignment between different areas of your business. Maintenance teams should be connected with other departments, as much as they should share the same goals, the same mindset and the same management processes.


As an ecosystem of resources created to help maintenance managers streamline their operations through outstanding flexibility, intelligence and connectivity, Infraspeak is here for you!


Today, we’re showing you how, as an Infraspeak user, you can connect every single part of your operation into a much larger and powerful tool that turns the data you collect into actions — get ready to be blown away by dozens of new software integrations.


The Most Integrated Maintenance Management Platform Around


Infraspeak has now more power than ever. We’ve made it possible for you to connect our platform to hundreds of common software solutions that maintenance managers and teams use on a daily basis, from Property Management Systems (PMS) to Analytics Platforms, loads of comunication tools, CRMs and even your good ol’ spreadsheets.


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Integrations For All Your Needs


Property Management Solutions

Automate many of the operations carried out at any hotel (including booking, pricing, task management, etc.) with connections to PMS like Mews, Cloudbeds, Uplisting or Bookinglayer.


Better Data Analysis

Software like Microsoft’s Power BI, Sisense or BISYS by PRIAC will make it possible for you to explore data sets, uncover meaningful insights in your data and help you make more informed decisions.


Streamlined Communication

Communicating with your team has never been easier. With connections to communication tools like Gmail, Outlook, Slack or Microsoft Teams, Infraspeak can automatically notify your team about actions performed within our platform.


Customer Relationships Simplified

Do you use any CRM tools like Hubspot or Salesforce? Now you can have them communicate with Infraspeak (for instance, by creating a new client in Infraspeak once a new deal is closed in Hubspot) and seamlessly manage you customer relationships between platforms.


Faster Accounting Processes

Now you can connect Infraspeak to accounting software like Quickbooks or Freshbooks to create automatic invoices whenever you close new sales on our platform.


And much, much more!

Storage solutions, spreadsheets, task management tools, surveys, customer support, you name it! We have over 40 new integrations available today, and many more will be coming soon.


Take a look at the integrations page on our website to see the full list and contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.


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Not an Infraspeak user yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo with one of our specialists and learn how Infraspeak can help bring maintenance intelligence to your team and operations.