In many ways, you can compare invoicing and accounting admin to doing the washing up. Doing it by hand can be frustrating. If you leave it for too long, each plate feels like an age and it takes up far too much time out of your day!

However, technology can and should come to the rescue! A powerful accounting tool that integrates with your IMMP is like the Bosch dishwasher you finally invested in. It has an astonishing impact on your quality of life, and once you get one, you’ll wonder how you ever survived before!

This article is about the ultimate dishwasher, sorry, accounting tool: Xero.

Integrating Xero with Infraspeak

Integrating Infraspeak with Xero is the fastest way to get rid of paperwork. It slashes the time you spend managing invoices, helps you stay on top of your spending, effectively automating and simplifying your whole selling process and gives you back hours of lost time every single week. Xero allows you to:

  • Centralise all accounting operations.
  • Access your invoices, contacts and accounts online from anywhere.
  • Connect to your bank.
  • Easily sync bank and financial information.
  • Collaborate remotely and in real-time with everyone — your accountant, bookkeeper or employees.

By linking Infraspeak to Xero, all sales processed through your IMMP are immediately reflected on your team’s Xero platform regardless of whether it’s materials, new parts or a service. You perform your job, and the corresponding invoice appears, as if by magic, on Xero!

What are the main advantages of integrating Xero with Infraspeak?

Xero comes with all the benefits you’d expect from integrating maintenance and invoicing software, such as:

  • Saving time by automating invoice creation.
  • Improving transparency and customer trust.
  • Adjusting contracts and setting prices more accurately, and
  • Eliminating paper and duplicated records

As well as this, The Infraspeak-Xero integration comes with some key benefits that are worth diving into some more detail:

Quicker accounting and bookkeeping

As soon as you approve a sale in Infraspeak’s Sales app, the information automatically appears in Xero as a pre-invoice. This avoids losses of information or invoicing mistakes and closes the gap between executing the job, creating an invoice and sending it out to your customer. Your accounting department now only has to confirm payments manually!

Faster and safer payments

Xero allows you to add online payment options to your invoices automatically, so your clients can pay you from anywhere by card or direct debit. Plus, it’s a safe solution since, unlike PDFs, online invoices are hard to tamper with.

Better contract management

Technicians validate their presence on-site using their smartphones meaning managers can see how much time is spent with each client, which assets are worked on and can see exactly what is worked on. This makes it easier to cross-check invoice information, review monthly fees and guarantee you’re paying for what was agreed on!

Remote collaboration

Online, offline, behind a desk or in the field, this integration allows ​​you to perform the actions detailed above remotely! This provides more flexibility and with all information flowing in real-time to your finance department, staff can work on the go without fear of duplicates or errors!

Detailed automation settings

Users of the Xero-Infraspeak integration can choose exactly when an Infraspeak purchase synchronises with Xero, giving granular control over workflows. You can choose whether this happens when a sale or purchase is closed or confirmed to manage every step of your procurement process.

Detailed mapping of ‘other costs’

You can establish a connection between materials, services, and different ‘Other Costs’ in Infraspeak using different Xero accounts.

This way, you’ll have a detailed record of associated expenses, not only in the Purchases and Sales apps but also in the work orders and planned job orders you manage in Infraspeak. This means all consumption is properly organised and synchronised.

How do you activate the Xero-Infraspeak integration?

Infraspeak’s integration with Xero is plug-and-play: Infraspeak users can simply head to the in-app Integrations Store, select Xero, click on “Connect”, and it’s done!

You can connect Infraspeak’s Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP) to Xero’s online accounting software work perfectly without the need for adjustments by Infraspeak’s team, or even your clients, meaning you can improve your operations starting exactly right now! What are you waiting for?

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