A good deal of maintenance and facility management companies use a billing model based on “service packages” or monthly fees for a certain amount of preventive maintenance and soft services. But what about repairs that don’t fit into the description? Each one is unique and impossible to predict. This poses a major accounting challenge: you have to monitor time, labour, and parts to come up with a final cost, and then prepare and send an invoice to the customer.

Correction… posed. In the old days, you had to wait for the technicians reports to know how long the repair took and what parts were used. With maintenance management systems, communication became much more direct. Still, it required quite an effort from the back office to convert that information into invoices quickly and confirm payments.

Now, it’s possible to bring all the information together on a single platform. Infraspeak’s intelligent maintenance management platform has native applications to manage sales, send quotes to your customers, and, if necessary, cross-reference that information with stocks and costs. Then, to turn these sales into invoices, simply integrate with your accounting software

Advantages of integrating maintenance software with invoicing software

Issue an invoice automatically after registering a sale

As soon as the customer approves the quote and registers the sale on the platform, the information automatically appears in your invoicing software. This speeds up the work of the accounting department, which only has to confirm payments. If you do not automate this process, you’ll always have to check which services were provided on each occasion (hours, parts, etc.), which can lead to loss of information and invoicing errors.

Improve transparency and customer confidence

If you charge your services by the hour, integrating  maintenance and accounting software increases the transparency of your business. Customers will know that you are charging exactly for the time the technician was on-site and for the services you provided.

Adjusting contracts and setting prices more accurately

According to our customers, one of the advantages of using Infraspeak is that it allows them “to adjust contracts to the work actually carried out”. Since technicians can ensure their presence with a simple swipe, the manager can see how much time is spent with each customer, how many assets need to be monitored and the real scope of the work. Once you cross-check this information with invoices, you can review monthly fees and avoid losses. 

Eliminate paper and duplicated records

Another advantage of integrating maintenance software and accounting software is to eliminate paper for good. Information flows to the finance department without having to create ledgers, duplicate records or any paperwork. Plus, it eliminates the chances of human error and allows you to organise accounting in real-time, instead of waiting to collect invoices. 

How does Infraspeak integrate with invoicing software?

Infraspeak is the most integrated maintenance platform on the market. Our IMMP integrates with various accounting tools, including Xero, Zoho Invoice, Freshbooks, QuickBooks Online and AT-certified software such as Moloni and Invoicexpress. In addition, it also integrates with payment processors like PayPal or Stripe. 

But how does Infraspeak integrate with invoicing software and accounting tools?

By integrating Infraspeak with the accounting software used by your company, you can automatically generate and send an invoice to your client whenever you:

  • Confirm the completion of a work order; 
  • Confirm the completion of scheduled work; 
  • Approve quotes and sales in the Infraspeak Sales app. 

With this automation of the invoicing process, you get rid of paperwork, spend less time managing invoices, and keep your accounts in order effortlessly. 

Key apps to optimise your sales process

⚙️ Sales App. Our sales app is the right app for managing quotes and registering new sales. After registering each sale, you can select the resources allocated to each job and their cost, to be able to compare costs with revenues. This way, the finance department can optimise the price of services and invoicing.

⚙️ Cost Management. One of the add-ons you can use to optimise your budget is cost management. Here, technicians can record all the expenses incurred during the resolution of a malfunction or even during preventive maintenance. These are your “raw material” costs and Infraspeak generates automatic economic analysis reports.

⚙️ Send Quotes. Although not related to your accounting, we remind you that you can send quotes to your customers. When the quote is approved, it automatically creates a work order, where you can record all the service information. 

The more applications and software you integrate with Infraspeak, the greater your automation capacity. In turn, this increases your efficiency and streamlines communication with the finance department, so you can better control all costs and revenues. 

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