In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, the effective management of maintenance tasks is vital for maximising equipment performance and prolonging asset life.

Get to know the top 10 equipment maintenance software and their role in streamlining maintenance operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving data-driven decisions.

What is equipment maintenance?

Equipment maintenance refers to the systematic process of inspecting, servicing, repairing, and preserving various types of machinery, tools, or assets used. The primary objective of equipment maintenance is to ensure that these assets are functioning efficiently, reliably, and safely throughout their operational life.

Key aspects of equipment maintenance

  1. Inspection: Regularly examining the equipment to identify any signs of wear and tear, damage, or potential issues that could lead to malfunctions or breakdowns.
  2. Preventive maintenance: Conducting scheduled maintenance activities, such as lubrication, calibration, and component replacements, to prevent equipment failure and extend its lifespan.
  3. Reactive maintenance: Addressing identified problems or breakdowns by repairing or replacing faulty components or systems to restore the equipment’s functionality.
  4. Predictive maintenance: Utilising advanced technologies and data analysis to predict when the equipment might fail, allowing maintenance actions to be taken just in time, minimising downtime and costly repairs.
  5. Routine servicing: Performing routine tasks, such as cleaning, adjustments, and minor repairs, to maintain the equipment’s optimal performance.
  6. Record keeping: Maintaining comprehensive records of maintenance activities, including inspection findings, servicing dates, repairs performed, and parts replaced, to track the equipment’s history and ensure compliance with regulations.

Best equipment maintenance software in 2024

  1. Infraspeak
  2. Vehicle Fleet Manager
  3. IMS RCM
  4. eMaint CMMS
  5. MaintainX
  6. Maintainly
  8. EZOfficeInventory
  9. Asset Panda
  10. UpKeep

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In simple terms, the equipment you oversee today is far more intricate than it was 15 years ago. Infraspeak ensures you stay up-to-date by uniting and harmonising your teams, assets, software, and IoT within a unified Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP). This cutting-edge platform significantly minimises unexpected downtime, prolongs asset lifespan, and enhances equipment maintenance efficiency using data, intelligence, and automation, making it the only IMMP of its kind in the market.

With Infraspeak’s equipment maintenance software, you gain the ability to:

  • create customised preventive maintenance plans tailored to the real-time usage of your assets.
  • efficiently schedule recurring tasks, assign task sets to planned jobs, and automate task assignments.
  • access real-time KPIs and personalised reports for comprehensive maintenance operations analysis.
  • seamlessly integrate with over 100 platforms, including IoT sensors and Building Management Systems (BMS).
  • automatically detect anomalies and fluctuations in utility spending, leading to reduced costs, optimised energy consumption, and increased sustainability of your operations.
  • enhance decision-making with intelligent insights and valuable data-driven information.

An IMMP adds predictability to your equipment maintenance strategy through optimal asset management. Stay ahead, protect your assets and avoid unplanned downtime. 

What users love about Infraspeak

“Infraspeak has made life a lot easier. It made everything under one umbrella, so we can manage, build reports, see where we are spending money, and where we can invest in one single platform.” – Jordan Tesfamichael, EL&N London

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Vehicle Fleet Manager

Vehicle Fleet Manager is tailored to meet the needs of both large and small fleets, tracking information related to your fleet of vehicles and equipment. With its reporting capabilities, Vehicle Fleet Manager equips you with essential tools for making well-informed decisions in today’s data-driven world.


IMS RCM is designed to optimise assets’ preventive maintenance plans and to assist users in prioritising equipment based on risk. The result is safer assets, cost-effective maintenance plans, and improved plant availability.

eMaint CMMS

A software that optimises workflows, automates preventive maintenance tasks, and ensures the availability of spare parts for upcoming work orders. It simplifies regulatory compliance reporting and provides a view of work order status and backlog through a single screen.


MaintainX enables businesses to track both reactive and preventive maintenance tasks, conduct safety and quality inspections, and manage operating checklists.


A solution that offers equipment maintenance software with asset tracking, inventory management, and insightful reporting.


TRACKMEDIUM allows you to enhance efficiency, achieve compliance with industry standards, and reduce costs and risks whilst ensuring a quality management process.


EZOfficeInventory offers a solution for tracking the location, possession, and maintenance status of your equipment from anywhere.

Asset Panda

An equipment maintenance management platform that streamlines the process of managing asset history and maintenance records.


UpKeep is a software dedicated to streamlining work orders, facility management, and asset management.

Why you should use an equipment maintenance software

Using an equipment maintenance software offers numerous benefits for businesses and organisations that rely on machinery and equipment. Some of the key advantages include:

  1. Improved efficiency: A maintenance software streamlines the entire maintenance process, from work order generation to task assignment, scheduling, and completion. This automation reduces manual paperwork, eliminates repetitive tasks, and ensures faster response times to maintenance requests, leading to increased overall efficiency.
  2. Better asset management: The software provides a centralised database for all equipment and asset-related information, including maintenance history, service schedules, and parts inventory. This enables better tracking, organisation, and utilisation of assets, resulting in more informed decision-making regarding repairs, replacements, and resource allocation. By monitoring equipment performance in real-time, the software can predict potential failures or maintenance needs, allowing maintenance teams to take preventive actions before issues escalate.

Selecting the right equipment maintenance software is essential for meeting your organisational needs. Customisability and scalability, user-friendliness, and ease of implementation are among the main factors to consider, as well as integration capabilities with existing systems.

Intelligent Maintenance Management Platforms and equipment maintenance

An IMMP can significantly enhance equipment maintenance practices by leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven approaches. Here’s how:

Proactive Maintenance

An IMMP uses sensors and IoT technology to continuously monitor equipment in real-time. It collects data on various parameters, such as temperature, vibration, and performance metrics. By analysing this data using machine learning algorithms, the platform can detect potential equipment failures before they happen. This enables maintenance teams to address issues proactively, reducing downtime and preventing costly breakdowns.

Optimised Maintenance Scheduling

An IMMP considers various factors such as equipment usage, historical maintenance data, and production schedules to optimise maintenance scheduling. It helps in planning maintenance activities during periods of low production demand, minimising disruptions to regular operations.

Condition Monitoring

Through continuous data collection, the platform can monitor the condition of equipment in real-time. It can detect anomalies or deviations from normal operating conditions, enabling early intervention and timely maintenance.

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

An IMMP maintains a centralised database of all equipment and assets, including maintenance history, spare parts inventory, and warranty information. This facilitates better asset tracking, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced equipment and optimising inventory management for spare parts and supplies.

Work Order Management

The platform streamlines work order management by automating the process of generating, assigning, and tracking maintenance tasks. It ensures that maintenance requests are promptly addressed and assigned to the appropriate personnel.

Mobile Accessibility

An IMMP offers mobile applications that enable field technicians to access maintenance tasks, equipment data, and work orders from their mobile devices. This enhances their productivity and responsiveness to maintenance requests while on the go.

Data Analytics and Reporting

An IMMP can generate detailed reports and analytics based on maintenance data, providing insights into equipment performance, maintenance costs, and overall maintenance efficiency. These analytics help in identifying trends, areas for improvement, and cost-saving opportunities.

Compliance and Documentation

Last, the platform can assist in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by maintaining detailed records of maintenance activities, and providing documentation for audits and inspections.