A quick foreword

“Building in public” may feel cliché, but it’s common for good reason. A company’s growth comes down to talent, ideas, vision, mission and another important thing — connection.

This exists between a company and its employees, clients, prospects and everyone else! The stronger it is, the better. Building in public, and indeed articles like this, is crucial to creating these bonds, breaking down barriers, and sharing successes.

With that in mind… shall we do some authentic-ing? 

Taking strides, not steps! 

How would we describe the mood around Infraspeak as 2023 comes to a close? There’s a sense of seeds blossoming and growing opportunity. We’re pretty candid about our mission: 

  1. Be the global reference for FM and maintenance tech
  2. Be a source of good life to everyone — company, clients and community 
  3. Enjoy the bumps along the way 😀

This article will walk you through some of the most exciting developments and successes from across the company — a little peephole into the method behind our madness. Ready?

Putting the I in IMMP 

Let’s start big and bold! Our Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform has reached new heights this year. Welcome to the 118 newly (expertly) onboarded customers who joined us in 2023. We proudly power operations in 28 countries. All this brings our total number of clients ever closer to the thousand mark, hitting 753. 

And aren’t you a busy bunch? Regarding corrective maintenance managed on the platform, you closed 2,232,044 work orders (up by nearly ONE MILLION compared to last year) at a 93% success rate!

Preventive maintenance was equally popular on our platform, and for good reason, it’s critical. You successfully created and scheduled 387,164 preventive maintenance plans (planned jobs) and 683,140 preventive work orders (planned job orders), so that’s you lot sorted for the next couple of years! Very good work. You were busy executing, too, closing 2,512,135 planned job orders in 2023. 

Before we close this section, we have an apology to make. We’re sorry it took us nearly 400 words to mention the Infraspeak Network™. The revolutionary shared workspace for facility managers and service providers was launched in January and has transformed how you handle procurement, sales and collaborative execution of projects. Here are the numbers: 

  • 18,826 work orders shared with external partners 
  • 14,852 quotes sent via the Network 
  • Roughly £24,350,365.20 in managed purchases and £21,056,124.97 in sales (Shoutout to ChatGPT for the calculations and conversions)
  • 113 Network users connected with 282 suppliers 

All that, and it’s just year 1! Some quick flowers for Infraspeak Gear™? Go on:

  • 4611 hours saved thanks to Gear Automations and Suggestions (192 days… over half a year 😮)

Busy spreading the word

When not pumping out new features, we were busy attending exactly 18 industry reference events. This included The Facilities Show in London, InfraFM in Brazil and several relevant events run by our media partners IFMA in Spain, including Workplace Summit 2023.

We wanted to contribute to our country’s community, so we launched our own events to bring world-class networking to Portugal.

This is why we launched the 2nd edition of the IFM Tour, starting in Lisbon before passing through London, Paris, São Paulo and Madrid. This sell-out tour saw over 600 people attend all 8 events and was attended by nearly 25 tech partners! Panel discussions, networking opportunities and laughter were enjoyed by all, and we’re absolutely delighted to share that we’re doing the whole thing again in 2024! Definitely one to look out for.

The tour is powered by the IFM Community, a global network of FM and Maintenance professionals with over 850 members. They get access to exclusive content, networking opportunities (of course) and upskilling — here are some of the highlight releases from the community in 2023: 

Nearly there … just the final bits! 

We couldn’t wrap up this wrap-up without a little love for all the Infraspeakers. We grew from 165 to 176 Infraspeakers in 2023 and got a little bit more distributed too, now operating in 6 countries.

These included critical hires such as Oriane Millet, our new CFO; Nic Cooper, Head of Business Development; Regional Sales Managers in the UK and Latin America and more! 

Everyone says it, but we promise to try our best to look after our team. We launched 3 key people and culture initiatives to support our staff: 

  1. The Leadership Development Programme which provides continuous internal leadership training for ambitious Infraspeakers looking to become leaders. This included combining theory, articles, videos, online courses, and synchronous sessions.
  2. A series of wellbeing steps was taken to improve our staff’s quality of life. This included live workshops on productivity, emotional management and the importance of physical wellness, as well as curated online content and partnerships with local providers in 5 countries! 
  3. A new culture book which will tell our story in a new, creative and strictly “us” way — keep an eye out for this one

Remember to rest, we go again soon.

As you can see, we’ve had quite the year, but as we like to say:

We’re only 1% done.

Thank you to each and every one of you that’s contributed to an unforgettable 2023. We wish you a wonderful holiday period, wherever you are and however, you celebrate.

Happy New Year!