The age of CMMS is over. System of records, ie, those with the sole job of logging and storing information, no longer meet the demands of managers and operational teams.


More than simple repositories of information, teams looking to be successful and to keep up with the technological evolution of maintenance 4.0, need solutions that can transform the data they collect into insights and automations with real impact in their operations. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, this is not only possible today, but also the way to increase efficiency, reliability and quality of service.


After becoming the most integrated maintenance management platform in the market, Infraspeak evolved to allow users to build their own custom solution – thanks to native apps, dozens of integrations and IoT – through Infraspeak Hub™.


Today, Infraspeak welcomes you to a world of data, intelligence and automation.


Enter Infraspeak Gear™


Infraspeak Gear™ is the unique, intelligent engine of our – and yours! – maintenance management platform. It’s the brain that makes Infraspeak a truly intelligent platform. The Gear allows it to consolidate all data gathered by teams and operations and transform it, through data intelligence, into suggestions, alerts and task automation.


Intelligent Suggestions

Our platform continuously finds patterns in the data it collects and learns from it to give you intelligent suggestions that can save you time – it might, for example, suggest specific suppliers, material or assets to associate with a certain failure or scheduled work. 


In the example below, Infraspeak Gear™ automatically suggests the best supplier based on the type of failure reported. A simple click is enough to validate the suggestion and add the supplier.


Infraspeak Gear



Task Automation

Infraspeak Gear™ automates your workflows, automatically assigns work orders and helps optimize your resource allocation.


For example, once you create a work order, Infraspeak Gear™ automatically assigns it to the technicians best suited for that kind of work. In this particular case, we associated two technicians to this work order, as visible in the work order details.


Automação Infraspeak Gear


Another useful example is the automatic exclusion of maintenance tasks incompatible with certain assets when you’re creating cyclical jobs (see image below).

Infraspeak Gear automation


With all of this said, intelligent suggestions and automations aren’t the whole story. Infraspeak Gear™ also helps you take control of your operation with intelligent alerts based on the automatic identification of outliers.


Here’s how alerts work. In your asset list, for example, several items can be identified with an Infraspeak Gear™ icon, alerting you for the lack of a preventive maintenance plan assigned to that asset. You can create and assign a plan quickly and directly through the alert.


Infraspeak Gear Alerta


Now imagine that one of your technicians forgets to pause a job, leading to an unexpected amount of registered labour hours. Infraspeak Gear™ will send you an alert making sure you’re billing the right amount of hours.

Infraspeak Gear alert

With automatic suggestions, it’s a lot easier to input data in the system.


Infraspeak Gear™ looks for outliers in several different data points. The goal is for us to detect anything that stands out within our technical or operational data. Things that are different than what we’d expect to see. For example “this user takes three times longer to complete this task, when compared to the rest of the team”.


Obviously, this may happen due to a number of different reasons but the fact that we’re able to detect and inform the manager of a possible problem is already crucial for us.


– Luís Martins, Founder & VP of Product at Infraspeak


Gear up for the future of maintenance management


Intelligent maintenance is here to stay and Infraspeak is the gateway into that world. Talk to one of our specialists and get ready to take your operation into the future of intelligent maintenance. Learn more at Infraspeak Gear™ website or find out exactly how it works.


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