What are OEE, TEEP and OOE?

Learn the differences between OEE, TEEP, and OOE, three important metrics that are based on the performance, availability and quality of the machine.

What is Preventive Maintenance Compliance?

Preventive maintenance compliance
Learn what preventive maintenance compliance is, the rules of thumb you should follow and why it's so important for your company.

7 Things a Football Game Can Teach You About Maintenance Management

Maintenance management
A football game of the Infraspeak team can teach you more about maintenance management than about football itself.

7 Maintenance KPIs to Take into Account

Maintenance KPIs
To avoid drowning in lots of detailed data, we suggest 7 important maintenance KPIs you can take into account to make your job easier and to help optimise your company's operations.

What Is the MTFB and How Do You Calculate It?

MTBF — Mean Time Between Filures
The MTBF is one of the main indicators of the availability of an asset. Find out exactly what it is, how to extend it and how it relates to the MTTR.

How to Reduce the MTTR?

Reduce MTTR
The Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) is a very strong indicator of how the maintenance department and technical operations management function.

Why Using a Maintenance Management App Is a Great Idea?

CMMS app
Maintenance management is an ever-evolving industry, with technological advances constantly being introduced in the field and more agility, speed, and practicality being demanded of the maintenance teams. Going mobile is the key.

Infraspeak’s Complete Guide to Maintenance

Complete guide to maintenance
This is your go-to guide for everything-maintenance. Learn what maintenance management is, what the main types of maintenance are, why you should use a maintenance management software and download our Preventive Maintenance Plan Template.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the 3 Main Maintenance...

Maintenance Strategies
There are multiple approaches to maintenance that you should take into account when defining the maintenance strategy that works best for you and is within your budget.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance
Predictive Maintenance, also known as condition-based maintenance, is a form of proactive maintenance, which aims to predict when failures might occur and to prevent them.