Managing quotes is one of the biggest challenges for any maintenance service provider. They may be super efficient in fixing whatever’s broken, but the whole process of quoting, reviewing and approving, assigning the job, registering each sale, is just… a burden — communication isn’t always effective and quotes tend to get lost in a huge pile of unread emails.


The more efficient the communication between service providers and their customers, the more streamlined this process will be, and the better the service they’re able to provide. This means that their customers are happier, their jobs are better done, and their time is better spent – less administrative work, more time to do business!


But how can this be achieved? 


The answer is sharing quotes via Infraspeak Direct™.


Those using Infraspeak already know that it’s quite easy for customers to submit maintenance requests to service providers through Infraspeak Direct™, our customer-facing app.

Creating work orders using Infraspeak DirectLet’s make it even easier, then. As we’ve said, Infraspeak Direct™ allows customers to easily create and submit maintenance requests, which service providers automatically get on their own interface.


But what happens next?


With the new quoting feature on Infraspeak Direct™, service providers can immediately send back a quote for approval, which the customer will be notified about. 

Creating Quotes in InfraspeakHere, the customers can either accept the quotes, decline them or ask for revisions.


Reviewing and approving quotes in Infraspeak Direct

Once the quote is accepted, managers can simply convert it into a sale, and approve the corresponding work orderConverting a quote into a sale in InfraspeakInfraspeak Gear™, the intelligent core at the centre of our platform, will then automatically assign the work order to an appropriate technician. They will know exactly what to do from here, using Infraspeak Mobile, our dedicated interface for technicians.


By sharing the same workspace, service providers and customers can streamline their communication and ensure that every maintenance request is addressed as quickly as possible.


And the best part? The Infraspeak Direct™ interface is fully customisable, so customers can see only what the service providers need them to see. No clutter, no obstacles – just simple, effective communication.


Managing your quoting process through Infraspeak Direct™ reduces the time it takes to answer maintenance requests and improves your quality of service and customer satisfaction. Learn more about Infraspeak Direct™ here.


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