Infraspeak’s mission is to be a source of a good life for its customers, team, partners, and society in general. We believe, therefore, that in exceptional situations and with such an impact on our way of life  —  like the current pandemic  —  we must do even more and show what we are made of.

A few weeks before the pandemic began, we launched a campaign that translated our mission into a simple phrase: “We’ve got your back”. We never imagined that, sometime later, the world would have turned upside down. Being side by side with our customers, partners, families, and employees became even more important.

Over the past 4 months, we have tried to mitigate the impact of the pandemic in various ways and to be part of the solution creatively and proactively.

But how have we been part of the solution?

1. We’ve worked remotely since day 1

The health and safety of our Infraspeakers come first. For this reason, Infraspeak has made preferential a way of working that has always been in play, having been one of the first companies to work 100% remotely during the pandemic, a regime that has remained in place to date and which includes the flexibility of hours, according to the needs and context of each one.

2. We founded the Tech4Covid19 movement

Besides three members of the Infraspeak team — Felipe Ávila da Costa (CEO), Rui Santos Couto (VP of Growth) and Liliana Pinho (Brand Marketing Executive) — having been part of the foundation and actively acting in the coordination of the Tech4Covid19 movement, several other Infraspeakers have given support in the development of specific projects within the movement.

This initiative, which united the startup ecosystem in Portugal, has so far brought together over 5500 volunteers, who have created various solutions to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on health, education, and the economy. Learn more about this movement here.

3. We launched the webinar series Stay In(fraspeak)

Stay In(fraspeak) is a series of webinars specifically created during the pandemic for facility management and hotel business professionals looking to learn and share their experiences with the community. Having started with a focus on issues related to prevention and the impact of COVID-19, it now covers all kinds of FM and hotel business-related topics. In 3 months, we organized 36 webinars in 4 languages, with an aggregate total of more than 15,000 viewers. 

4. We created lots of content and developed checklists for our customers and the community.

During the worst phase of the pandemic, Infraspeak’s content team focused on creating content related to COVID-19 and Facility Management to help professionals — from technicians to managers — deal with the situation. 

For those whose activity could not stop during the pandemic, Infraspeak’s Customer Success team has developed a special checklist for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 in the workplace. The checklist has so far been downloaded by professionals from about 300 companies, such as supermarkets, shopping centres and hotels. 

5. We launched the Place Checkup platform

Place Checkup is a free platform created to help managers of establishments open to the public manage and give visibility to how they are performing the cleaning and security procedures necessary to mitigate the contamination of COVID-19. The greatest benefit? Transmitting trust to their customers in the use of their facilities.

Today, thousands of establishments in dozens of countries proudly display their Place Checkup COVID-19 Prevention Seals at their doors to certify their prevention measures, which can be consulted by the public on the platform itself.

If you have an establishment open to the public, do your checkup here, get your COVID-19 Prevention Seal and share it with your customers, so they know they can safely check-in.

COVID-19 Prevention badge by Place Checkup on restaurant window

6. We developed the Clean & Safe Platform (Turismo de Portugal)

Infraspeak’s engineering team has also developed the Clean & Safe platform, used to consult the Clean & Safe Seals issued by Turismo de Portugal, which certifies compliance with the safety and hygiene requirements defined by the National Tourism Authority, according to the guidelines of the Directorate General of Health.

We are currently working with other public and private entities to launch more platforms for management, communication, and audits of stamps and certifications. More news soon!

7. We created and organized remote social events as a team

In times of pandemic and remote work, the mental health of employees gains special relevance. For Infraspeak’s People & Culture team, the solution was obvious: from creating daily events to share a virtual coffee after lunch, through tutorial sessions (the “How-to Wednesdays”) to weekly karaoke competitions, Infraspeakers had plenty of opportunities to socialise as a team, tell jokes and replicate the usual face-to-face conversations.

8. We launched the Hotel Trust Package project

Together with GuestCentric and Hijiffy, Infraspeak has created a package that aims to give hotels their status of preparation for the post-COVID-19 world. Cleaning and security are now the top priorities, not only for all hotel-related professionals but also for all guests. The Hotel Trust Package is a combination of the best hotel technology focused on ensuring hotel security and trust from your guests.

9. We lauched the SalesDevCamp training program

COVID-19 has led many companies to dismiss excellent professionals, creating an opportunity for growing companies, such as Infraspeak, to seek this talent. For 3 weeks, on a full-time basis, we will contribute to the training of up to 16 professionals looking to develop their skills in sales development, 4 of which will also have the opportunity to join our team.

10. We designed and offered reusable masks for team and customers

Having begun the deconfinement and approaching the return to the workplace, Infraspeak has designed reusable masks to offer all Infraspeakers and customers, which ensures the safety of everyone in the workplace and beyond. We gave 350 masks, some of which aiming to inspire people to do more and better, through the positive message “Be source of good life”.

Máscara da Infraspeak para proteção da COVID-19

We have done a lot, but given the context, we want to do even more. Whether you are an Infraspeak client or not, talk to us! We are on your side to overcome these challenging times, together.