These days, routines as simple as booking a hotel room or shopping for groceries mean much more than they used to — there’s a much greater need to make sure the places we’re visiting are safe before we go through the door.


Reopening premises following the COVID-19 outbreak involves many additional activities related to cleaning, air quality, disinfection, and of course, compliance with all safety and health routines. It’s crucial to make sure that this information is communicated to the public in a transparent manner.


This is how Place Checkup is born.


Infraspeak, whose goal is to make facility management easier, could not stay indifferent. At a time when health and safety are at the top of everyone’s list, transparency is crucial.

With that in mind, we developed Place Checkup — a free platform that allows you to certify the prevention guidelines you’ve adopted at your establishment so that you can publicly and transparently inform your customers about them before they go through the door.


Check out the official video below.



How to certify your places with Place Checkup


To verify your prevention measures against COVID-19, simply add your businesses or establishment to Place Checkup, complete a simple questionnaire about you compliance with safety and health guidelines, provided by the platform, and in accordance with the official recommendations by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Then, you can download your “COVID-19 Prevention Badge” so they can share it online or have it on display in your premises.


COVID-19 Prevention badge by Place Checkup on restaurant window


Do your checkup to get your Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C COVID-19 Prevention badge, depending on the level of preventive measures and routines you have in place.


Place Checkup badges for COVID-19 Prevention grade A, B and C



Learn more about the Place Checkup classification system on the official website.


→ Verify the safety of your premises now.


Soon, the general public will have access to an app where they can search and check the status of any of their favourite places (including yours), before they leave home. Be transparent about the safety of your premises.


Access the platform and answer the questionnaire to get your first COVID-19 Prevention Badge right away.