Keeping your customers happy is crucial for the longevity of any business. A happy customer is also a loyal one and that’s key in getting more business. After all, what’s more effective than having your own customers vouch for you?


With that in mind, we created Infraspeak’s Customer Satisfaction feature — a tool that allows you to see your own business through someone else’s eyes: those on the other end of the services you provide.


Happy customers, long lasting deals.

Customer Satisfaction’s main goal is to help you grow your business by keeping your customers happy and loyal.


Infraspeak’s newest feature allows you to:

  • Understand how happy your customers are regarding the services you provide;
  • Analyse your team’s performance and your general approach to customer service;
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve your business;
  • Draw new and improved frameworks to help you provide a better adjusted service.


Additionally, Infraspeak’s Customer Satisfaction tool is a precious ally when it comes to obtaining quality standard certifications, such as ISO 9001.


Collect. Analyse. Take action.

To improve and guarantee your customer’s satisfaction, you first need to take a few important steps. But don’t worry, Infraspeak’s Customer Satisfaction app was developed to help you every step of the way.


Collect reviews

Infraspeak Direct™ allows your customers to rate your maintenance services on a scale of 1 to 5 and even leave comments or notes associated with work orders or planned jobs.

Infraspeak Customer Satisfaction

You can also collect reviews through the automatic email that is sent along with the report of the closed work order or planned job order,
This way, even if they are not using Infraspeak Direct™ yet, they can always give their feedback.
Don’t be afraid to ask! Worst-case scenario, you’ll get a bad review and, with it, an opportunity to improve.


Analyse data

Here’s where this feature truly shines since it allows you to gain valuable insight about your customers, your team’s performance and your business. All data collected gets processed in different ways so you can analyse anything you need quickly and intuitively.


You’ll now find a new column in the work orders and job orders section that allows you to quickly check the average rating of the services you provide. To know even more details, all you need to do is click that work or job order and check the respective Customer Satisfaction section.

Customer Satisfaction Infraspeak

If you’re looking for a broader analysis, that’s what Infraspeak’s Analytics app is there for! There, you’ll be able to access different graphs with custom information and even utilise different filters to order your data the way you see fit.


Finally, if sharing ratings and comments with your team or your customers is your thing, you can always rely on Customer Reports!


Take Action

After analysing your data and identifying which aspects of your business or operation can be improved, it’s time to take action — implementing new frameworks or different approaches, creating new teams and, of course, keep checking if your changes are working.


Infraspeak’s Dashboard app is a simple and convenient way to actively keep up with the evolution of your Customer Satisfaction metrics. Automatic comparison with previous time windows can let you know effortlessly if you’re on the right track. All you have to do is select the data you want to monitor and add that section to your dashboard.

Infraspeak Customer Satisfaction Dashboard


Infraspeak’s Customer Satisfaction tool is not only a valuable tool to assess the happiness of your customers. It’s a way to improve your operation and promote the continuity of your business.