What if we told you that, with one click, you could have the perfect preventive maintenance plan for each of your assets? A solid, effective programme that would allow you to increase equipment uptime,  availability, and reliability, and ensure your buildings comply with legislation, regulation, and evolving maintenance best practices. 

It sounds too good to be true, right?! Well, let’s put it this way: 

We have been working hard on a series of software integrations to support facility and maintenance managers dealing with increasingly sophisticated infrastructures, stricter regulations, and customers who expect nothing less than excellent service.

Infraspeak users can connect their platform to hundreds of common software solutions, from Property Management Systems (PMS) to CRMs, Analytics Platforms, ERPs, loads of communication tools, etc. And, from now on, they can also connect it to SFG20’s industry standard software for building maintenance, saying goodbye to the days of manually updating systems. 

Integrating SFG20 with Infraspeak

With Infraspeak and SFG20, you can rest assured that all your maintenance operations follow the industry’s best practices and, most importantly, that your buildings are properly maintained and compliant with legislation. 

SFG20 is a web-based, standardised system of maintenance procedures, with a growing library of over 1200 maintenance schedules, covering more than 70 equipment types – with a further 200 specialist tasks for specific building types – updated frequently on par with new regulations. 

Whether it’s a hospital, university campus, commercial building, department store, supermarket, railway station, prison, hotel, or data centre there is an SFG20 task schedule to cover the maintenance of the services within that building or infrastructure. 

SFG20 maintenance schedules include:

  • how critical the task is – the colour coded ratings help distinguish what work you have a legal obligation to conclude and which tasks are optional;
  • how often a task needs to be carried out to avoid over or under maintaining assets;
  • what skill set would be required to complete the task – mechanical, gas safety, electrical etc. 

Infraspeak’s integration with SFG20 imbues our platform with the knowledge of this digital maintenance library. 

But what are the advantages of integrating SFG20 with Infraspeak? 

Well, first of all, there are plenty of advantages in integrating maintenance management software and compliance tools in general, namely: 

  • Optimising maintenance plans and resource allocation; 
  • Meeting safety and legal regulations; 
  • Protecting operational teams from potential risks;
  • Reducing the number of complaints;
  • Giving customers more visibility over maintenance services through improved reporting;
  • Boosting company reputation. 

So, why SFG20 specifically? 

Integrating SFG20’s valuable information into your Infraspeak creates clear PPM instruction sets in accordance with industry-leading standards, allowing you to improve resource allocation and perform flawless, compliant, and cost-effective maintenance services that will keep your customers happy and loyal. 

Let’s dive in on the advantages. 

Optimal asset maintenance

By uploading SFG20’s maintenance plans to your Infraspeak, you’ll be able to easily identify different planned jobs types, how often a task needs to be carried out, and what skill set would be required to complete it.

This will help you avoid over or under maintenance, optimise your resource allocation, and increase equipment uptime. 

Compliance with up-to-date legislation.

SFG20 releases frequent technical bulletins and updates schedules as UK legislation changes, ensuring you are always working to the latest standard.

Infraspeak will notify you when a deadline is coming up and will provide intelligent alerts when there isn’t a plan assigned to an asset.

High standards, higher service quality. 

Use SFG20 information as a template for your PPM operations and provide custom tailored services to each of your customers, ensuring all requirements are met on a bespoke basis.

By integrating Infraspeak with SFG20, you are giving customers a clearer vision of asset and maintenance needs, as well as reassurance that buildings are properly maintained and businesses aren’t interrupted with unnecessary downtime. 

“We are really glad to announce this partnership with the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) as part of our strategy to disrupt the UK’s prop tech market. This integration will allow our clients to experience a Platform that mixes Infraspeak’s unique features and SFG20’s standard maintenance schedules or planned preventative maintenance (PPM) tasks, thus helping them achieve cost savings via optimal asset maintenance and peace of mind with up-to-date legislation” Carlos Queirós, Head of Platform Partnerships at Infraspeak

“It gives me great pleasure to announce our API partnership with Infraspeak, providing SFG20 content directly into their intelligent CMMS platform. As we move into the digital age, the days of manually updating systems are, thankfully, long gone, along with the potential for errors via manual input. This streamlined solution is a real step change that will support Infraspeak and SFG20’s clients, saving significant time and effort.” Steve Tomkins, Head of Business Development for SFG20

How does this integration work?

The SFG20 API solution provides the latest updates directly to Infraspeak’s Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP), eliminating the need for manual data input.

If you’re an Infraspeak customer who’d like to request this integration, get in touch with your Customer Success manager.

Not an Infraspeak user yet?

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