The ultimate success of a hotel is dependent on ensuring that all is on order to provide the best possible experience to it’s customers. This includes ensuring all facilities are of quality and in top condition, whilst also performing maintenance tasks to ensure that everything works smoothly behind the scene.

 We have listed below some tips on how to best execute hotel maintenance duties. 

1. Tracking assets

Technicians need to be aware of all existing assets and their location to ensure an effective maintenance programme. They also need to be able to easily and quickly access detailed information on equipment ranging from the date of installation to the date of the last reparation or replacement. Some maintenance software solutions use NFC tags which allow for the team to identify, collect and record information on all assets. NFC tags also allow users to generate detailed reports, maintain update data related to purchase, security and check regulatory compliance all through a single mobile application.

2. Optimising failures reporting

As soon as a failure is detected, it is essential that it be quickly reported and resolved. As well as the maintenance team, the other staff must also be able trained to record any malfunctions found in the hotel.

For instance, lets imagine a scenario where a customer mentioning a problem to reception. By using maintenance management software such as Infraspeak, technicians can instantly report failures through the mobile application by reading the NFC tags associated with the reported problem and by relating the type of failure to the equipment or location. Through the Infraspeak Direct app, all housekeeping staff and customers can quickly register a failure either on the web or the mobile version of the platform.

3. Improving response time

After a failure is detected and reported, it must be resolved as soon as possible to minimise the asset’s period of inactivity. To ensure that there are no delays in addressing these issues, technicians need to have a good understanding of their pending tasks and to know which tasks have been identified as being a high priority. Furthermore, it is important to maintain a good stock of material to ensure there are no time-consuming waits for the delivery of goods.

Equally, in order to maintain a good image in front of guests, all staff should be trained to be polite and courteous whilst also making every effort to reduce the impact of their interventions as much as possible.

4. Investing in Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance are designed so that all pieces of equipment work in top condition for much longer and have a better performance. The main goal is to schedule periodic monitoring of  equipment  to make detailed measurements, which guarantee the fullness of operations. Again, using NFC tags can be useful to track assets and to plan maintenance efficiently. Find more here.

5. Investing in training

For the hotel maintenance team to ensure all tasks are fully completed as well as possible, it is essential to invest in personal and professional training for your staff. Besides the standard predefined hours of coaching, it is important to invest in specialised courses or training that address current and industry-related topics. Some examples in the hotel industry include environmental sustainability, tourism and hotel legislation, organisation and management of maintenance, air conditioning and refrigeration, maintenance management of buildings among others. Staff education/training is essential to optimise responses to customers and market demands.

6. Taking advantage of technology

Embracing technology and using it in your favour is a great way to boost the efficiency of operations and to help you to improve hotel maintenance duties. With the support of a maintenance management software solution it is possible to improve communication (between technicians, staff, managers, and clients), schedule and plan tasks, optimise stocks, improve the reliability of your decisions and increase productivity.

Clients are more likely to stay in your hotel again and share positive feedback about your hotel if all visible aspects of operations run smoothly and if the facilities are in fantastic working order. Guests will be judging the cleanliness of rooms, the efficiency of air conditioning systems and when things do go wrong, will be expecting a speedy and direct resolution to the problem. Maintenance software solutions like Infraspeak can help you perform admirably in these ways.

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