Brasanitas Hospitalar is a pioneer and leading company in providing facilities services in healthcare, with more than 30 years of experience. It relies on specialised professionals, offering multidisciplinary management, under the supervision of nurses and hoteliers. It has more than 8,200 collaborators, who work in 76 health groups, and manage more than 9,000 beds all over the country.


The operational processes of Brasanitas Hospitalar have the seal of the Instituto Qualisa de Gestão – IQG (Qualisa Management Institute), the validation of the Sociedade Brasileira de Hotelaria Hospitalar – SBHH (Brazilian Society of Hospital Hospitality) and meet the requirements demanded by the regulatory agencies – such as ANVISA – and by the accreditations of ONA, CCHSA and JCI. The company is also certified according to international standards ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems (SGQ).


As health is an essential aspect of people’s lives, all the associated services are in permanent evolution, and are increasingly digitalised. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare sector had to look for solutions to improve the efficiency levels of each institution. Increasing human and logistical resources was one of the solutions found, above all to cope with the demands and complexities related to the processes of cleaning, disinfection, and prevention of the virus spread in a hospital environment. 


To ensure total confidence in the facilities services offered to the healthcare sector and to keep up with the trend of technological evolution, Brasanitas Hospitalar fitted out its operations with qualified professionals; suitable equipment and sanitising products; and a technological solution capable of integrating all the processes (from disinfection of the facilities to laundry services) and ensuring high standards of hygiene: Infraspeak, an intelligent maintenance management platform.


The Operation of Brasanitas Hospitalar in Hospital Ministro Costa Cavalcanti in Foz do Iguaçu

Brasanitas Hospitalar operates more than 420 clinics and laboratories and more than 260 hospitals, including the Hospital Ministro Costa Cavalcanti (HMCC), in Foz do Iguaçu, in the state of Paraná.


HMCC is a 24,000 m² hospital complex with 202 beds. It has an Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, 24-hour Clinical Analysis Laboratory, imaging diagnostics, and is equipped with the latest nuclear medicine technologies. 


It also stands out for its services of high complexity. HMCC created the first cardiovascular surgery service in Foz do Iguaçu, currently a regional reference, as well as a dedicated cancer treatment unit. The Oncology Centre has radiotherapy, chemotherapy, brachytherapy, an inpatient block, offices, dressing and observation rooms, and a playroom for children undergoing treatment. 


Another HMCC reference is the centre for maternal and child healthcare, which houses the Obstetric Centre and the Neonatal ICU with a specialised medical team working 24 hours a day to care for pregnant women and newborns.

Case Study Brasanitas Hospitalar - Infraspeak


Can a hospital of this level of complexity and demand entrust its facilities services to a single provider? Will that provider be able to guarantee that everything works in compliance with the existing rules and regulations, especially in the framework of the pandemic?


The answer is: yes, without doubt! 

Brasanitas Hospitalar provides specialised facilities services in: 

  • Hygienisation and Disinfection of Environments
  • Waste Collection
  • Laundry
  • Hospitality
  • Support Services
  • Maintenance of Hospital Infrastructure
  • Maintenance of Green Areas
  • Management of Third Parties
  • Integrated Pest Control


And, since July 2015, it has been HMCC’s strategic partner in facilities management. A team of 94 specialized professionals provides terminal and routine cleaning services, floor treatment, collection of laundry and hospital waste, as well as the supply of linens from a central linen room to the satellite linen rooms of the various hospital units. 


Brasanitas Hospitalar has eliminated the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and introduced a more integrated vision to operational planning. This way, HMCC can focus on what is most important: its patients. 


The priority of the Brasanitas Hospitalar team operating at HMCC is to provide the best service, creating a caring, clean, and safe hospital environment for patients, visitors, and employees. For this, it relies on a technological ally: Infraspeak. Implemented in 2021 in the hospital segment, the platform allows the “real time survey of indicators capable of pointing out guidelines for the continuous optimisation of the operational processes”, affirms Katlin Araújo, Operations Supervisor of Brasanitas.


Before Infraspeak…

Brasanitas Hospitalar was not 100% happy with the degree of confidence it offered HMCC regarding the performance of its teams and the quality of the facilities services provided. 


The ambition was to provide full reporting of contracted activities and to have access to performance indicators that would enable the identification of opportunities for improvement. However, the administrative workload and the information scattered on papers and files made the goal difficult to achieve.


Ensuring the reliability of information

Before Infraspeak’s implementation, according to Liliana Nunes Mello, Hospital Operational Technical Manager, “records of regular and terminal cleanings were made manually and, therefore, more susceptible to errors and loss of information. In addition, the previous system did not allow the insertion of images after the completion of a service”.


Immediate response to requests 

The manual recording of provided services also hampered the team’s reaction times to requests or breakdowns. And in a pandemic, the response to the different requests had to be quicker than ever. 


Offering the customer effective control

By not having all the information centralised, Brasanitas Hospitalar and HMCC had no way of monitoring, in real time, the operations carried out. Thus, they could not keep track, in an accurate way, of the team’s performance, process times, and the quality of the service provided. 


What changed with Infraspeak? 

After the implementation of Infraspeak in the hygiene operations at HMCC in 2021, Brasanitas Hospitalar saw improvements in the management of operational processes, in the mapping of the team’s productivity, and in the quality of the service provided. 


Additionally, with Infraspeak, Brasanitas Hospitalar was able to meet one of HMCC’s main concerns: ensuring synergy. Synergy between scopes and teams involved in daily routines and synergy with the software used and already standardized for the hospital sector.


Autonomous and rapid response teams

With Infraspeak, all teams can be deployed on a single platform. They receive instant notifications when an order is placed or a breakdown is reported, have easy access to all the information they need to do their job, and can confirm their presence on site by checking in online through a QR Code. 


Full control over operations

With just a few clicks, the manager can access performance indicators and easily map team productivity, process times and associated costs, optimising resource allocation and mitigating financial impacts related to fines for failing to meet SLAs. 


Synergy between all parts of the operation

Infraspeak has enabled all parts of the sanitisation operation at HMCC to be combined. “The synergy between scopes and responsible teams, internal or outsourced, and all those involved in daily routines, is one of the main advantages of using an intelligent platform like Infraspeak.”, points out Ivan Carlos Ferreira, FM and Technology Innovation Manager.


How did Infraspeak help meet the challenges of fighting COVID-19? 

In the pandemic context, hospital cleaning teams have taken on a critical role in fighting the spread of the virus. 

“It is part of Brasanitas Hospitalar’s culture to make employees aware of the importance of their cleanliness and conservation work, and their contribution to patient recovery in a pandemic scenario,” says Elaine Lima, Director of the Hospital Unit.


The group has adopted new instructions for technical work, equipment, and adequate sanitizing products, with the necessary dosage being controlled for a significant reduction of microorganisms that are harmful to health through studies and chemical analyses. “Our technical department has specialists who constantly evaluate the processes and make the necessary adaptations”, highlights Liliana Nunes Mello, Technical Manager for Hospital Operations.


 In the daily effort to guarantee a safe hospital space for its patients, Infraspeak has also been an important ally of Brasanitas Hospitalar. “Infraspeak has been very useful in a pandemic situation. With the indicators we were able to efficiently recalculate frequency maps and operational times.”, stresses Katlin Araújo, Brasanitas Operations Supervisor.

Case Study Brasanitas Hospitalar - Infraspeak


With Infraspeak, Brasanitas Hospitalar manages terminal, routine, and bed cleaning, and helpdesk and stock management in an organised, intelligent, and integrated way. 

Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Infraspeak is able to gather all the data generated by the team and the operation and transform it into concrete action plans. The platform learns throughout its use, which allows it to find all kinds of patterns in the collected data and thus generate intelligent suggestions, automate workflows, and create alerts for critical situations. This intelligence has a real impact on operations, regarding control, efficiency, reliability, and service quality – critical elements in a hospital environment, especially in the context of the pandemic. 


The platform also allows the entire Brasanitas Hospitalar team to be involved. Staff checks in online on their smartphone and have all the information available at their fingertips. Managers and foremen check the status of tasks and receive notifications if anything is missing. They don’t need to wait for a written report and can provide remote support on the spot. Brasanitas’ clients, in turn, can follow progress in real time on their dashboard, always knowing what is happening on their premises.


As an integrated services partner, Brasanitas Hospital follows global procedures and best practices, drawing on the latest smart technology to constantly innovate and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for HMCC patients, visitors, and employees.


Why Infraspeak?

“We wanted a solution that would allow us to achieve true synergy between the facilities services provided. In addition, we wanted to improve the mapping of all processes, especially SLAs and KPIs. In Infraspeak we found a simple, friendly, and customisable platform, capable of facilitating processes and contributing to a gain in productivity”, says Ivan Carlos Ferreira – FM and Technological Innovation Manager.


How was the implementation? 

The implementation of Infraspeak was overseen by Fábio Manzini, Technical Operational Analyst, who registered the assets in the platform, created the parameterisations, associated the QR Codes, and made sure everything was fully functional. 


The implementation process was quick, structured, and in synergy with the operations team. It only took one month and went through 4 stages: creation of a timeline, development meetings, training, and activation. The adoption by Brasanitas Hospitalar professionals was total, with more than eight native applications in use and probable future expansion. 


What’s next?

Brasanitas wants to start using more native Infraspeak apps, such as the audit and document management apps. In addition, it wants to rely on the platform for mapping interior spaces and for integrating RFID sensors, used as door opening terminals. And we are sure that, as Infraspeak evolves, there will be more surprises in the future.