Housekeeping is the team that is most directly responsible for keeping guests happy in your hotel. They are in charge of cleaning and organising rooms and can hugely impact the image of your establishment.

No customer enjoys arriving at a hotel after a long day’s travelling to find that it lacks cleanliness, organisation and malfunctioning equipment.

To ensure that these high standards are maintained, it is important to adopt well-defined procedures for the maintenance and cleaning of rooms.

Fortunately, there are automated tools out that can be hugely useful in automating some of the administrative burden and alleviating some of the load for the teams and managers whilst boosting productivity and minimising costs.

Here are 5 Top Tips on using automate hotel management tools to improve the productivity of your Housekeeping team:

1.   Quick access to task lists

Automated and easily accessible lists allow the housekeeping team to enjoy greater agility and flexibility in everyday tasks and ensures they are clued in on what tasks they should be doing and where. Recurring responsibilities, such as checklists used for checking bedrooms, can easily be accessed through mobile applications integrated into a management platform.

2.   Planned agenda

As well as just being applicable for the room checklists, having access to automated management tools ensures that the housekeeping team have clarity and sureness in all facets of their work load. They can feel more confident about periodic compliance.

3.  Better managed stock

One of the bigger responsibilities of the housekeeping team is to control the stock levels of products. Using operations management software can make this job significantly less complicated and turn a relatively daunting amount of work into an easily digestible and simple to execute task.

4. Agility in reporting failures

Housekeeping is one of the departments that most benefits from the seamless failure reporting interfaces provided by CMMS. As the staff members that are often first to discover failures or issues with equipment, having a well-trained and interconnected housekeeping team allows for far quicker resolution of malfunctions which minimises the number of out-of-service rooms.

5. Better communication with other staff

A swift failure reporting system is critical to maintain the smooth running of your hotel. This is only possible if there is clear and simple communication between teams. For example, housekeeping can quickly call for the maintenance of a blown fuse through an automated platform. They now neither have to worry about messages being passed on to their manager nor about complicated paperwork orders being lost.

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