Equipment, machines, systems, and facilities have evolved and modified themselves over time, becoming increasingly sophisticated, leading to continuous improvement in maintenance procedures and more rigorous work by the maintenance manager.

Regardless of developments in equipment and facilities, maintenance needs continue to be similar. For this reason, and understanding maintenance as a set of technical actions that allow you to regulate the normal operation of equipment, we can divide it into two main groups: preventive and corrective.

Preventive Maintenance

As a maintenance manager, you must understand preventive maintenance as the maintenance procedure that is done on a machine that is not yet malfunctioning but needs it to prevent failures. As the name implies, preventive maintenance is performed in order to prevent a breakdown.

Usually, this type of maintenance is performed over some period of time or other criteria previously established, giving rise to what we call as scheduled maintenance and systematic maintenance, aimed at reducing the risk of malfunction and equipment degradation.

Within the preventive maintenance and taking into account the equipment’s type or infrastructure, the maintenance manager may also have to manage the conditional maintenance and predictive maintenance, based on operation monitorization and degradation parameters of a piece of equipment.

Corrective Maintenance

As a maintenance manager you must understand the corrective maintenance as maintenance that is performed when a fault, failure or malfunction on a certain equipment is detected. As its name indicates, corrective maintenance is performed in order to correct an issue.

Unlike preventive maintenance, the corrective is not predetermined, since it only comes into play when there is a breakdown or malfunction of an installation or equipment.

Within the corrective, and again, taking into account the type of equipment or infrastructure, the maintenance manager may have to perform the deferred maintenance or emergency maintenance.

Basically, the maintenance manager has the responsibility of ensuring that both preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance are carried out efficiently in the equipment and infrastructures which he is responsible for.