Think about all the tools, apps and platforms that your team uses every day. How many different profiles do you have? How many times a week do you forget your password?


To tackle this problem, we made Infraspeak logins simpler by joining the Single Sign-On (SSO) family. Now, you can access your intelligent maintenance management platform with the same email you use everywhere else!


With this skeleton key, instead of having to manage several users for the same person, you only have to manage one. It’s simple, it’s safe and you’ll no longer have to remember dozens of different passwords.


Let’s find out a bit more about SSO! 


What’s SSO?

Single Sign-On, or SSO, is a centralised authentication process that allows users to access different software and tools which require authentication using a single login.


With SSO, you can log in to Infraspeak with the same credentials you already use for your other business accounts. As soon as you input your email address, Infraspeak automatically recognises whether you have platform access through SSO, streamlining any type of login: technicians, managers and even customers. 

How does SSO work?

When you type in your email address, Infraspeak automatically recognises if you have your Single Sign-On activated and simplifies log-in.


Infraspeak SSO

You can set up SSO through user provisioning or through directory synchronisation.


Setting up SSO through user provisioning

This type of setup allows you to create access credentials and log in to Infraspeak through an email associated with an SSO entity. 


In this case, accessing Infraspeak goes as follows:


Setting up SSO through user provisioning and directory sync

As soon as Infraspeak connects with one of the supported directory providers, it will automatically sync so that every existing account in that provider becomes active on the platform as well, including future profile changes. 


Infraspeak integrates with the following directory providers: 

  • Azure
  • OKTA
  • SAML
  • Google
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • OneLogin
  • OpenID
  • G SAML
  • PingIdentigy 


Benefits of logging in to Infraspeak using SSO 

Using SSO brings convenience, efficiency and security: 


  • Use your company’s email and password for every app/tool/platform you use every day;
  • Automate user management, saving time on manual tasks;
  • Have all your users automatically inside Infraspeak so you can quickly activate them as needed. 


Easier access to several platforms and apps.

Having a single account for each of the apps you use daily means not wasting time searching for passwords or saving them on post-its. Access everything you need through your email in a quick, efficient way.


Centralised user management.

If your team has a business account, it’ll have access to Infraspeak. This means you won’t have to deal with creating users, storing passwords and activating or deactivating logins.


End headaches caused by activating new accounts for new team members or having to constantly recover passwords whenever someone forgets their credentials.


Finally, universal access for the entire organisation adds transparency and speed — it’s a no brainer. 


Improved company’s technological security.

With SSO, access to Infraspeak and every other platform used by your company is now centralised in your IT department removing safety risks associated with weak or recycled passwords, or credentials stored unsafely.


Furthermore, SSO allows you to store fewer login details, reinforcing your company’s technological security and removing vulnerabilities.


How to activate SSO in Infraspeak?

If you’re an Infraspeak customer who’d like to log in to Infraspeak using SSO, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager. 


Not an Infraspeak user yet?

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