Maintenance management isn’t easy. Regardless of how intuitive maintenance management platforms get, sometimes you need a hand to find the fastest or most efficient route to the solution you’re looking for.


Say, you need to create a technical data sheet and you’re not sure how to do so. Or you’re having trouble using Infraspeak’s Gatekeeper app to ensure your technicians complete a checklist before they start a job. Or maybe you’re just looking to sit back and watch a great webinar about the Internet of Things. Who knows?


With all this in mind, we created Infraspeak Academy — your one stop shop for doubts, technical issues and questions regarding your intelligent maintenance management platform.

Infraspeak Academy

Now, in addition to unlimited hours in customer support, you can also access hundreds (that’s right, hundreds!) of articles and videos, open support tickets and access Infraspeak’s own community content such as case studies, webinars, product updates, and more.


With Infraspeak Academy, you can share the combined knowledge of maintenance and facilities managers using Infraspeak and learn the best, most efficient way to get your operations off the ground.


Here’s what you can find in Infraspeak Academy


Tutorials and troubleshooting articles

From something as simple as adding a new contact to more advanced tasks such as customising reports in the web interface, you can find tutorials on the most diverse topics in Infraspeak Academy.


You’ll also find articles focused on troubleshooting specific problems you may encounter, such as a user not being able to see a planned job.


User guides

Infraspeak Academy provides you with user guides to help you use Infraspeak, with specific guides for managers, technicians and Infraspeak Direct™ users. 


In addition, you also have access to small presentations that will allow you to understand how to navigate and manage the data within the platform.


Tutorial videos

Prefer video over text? Don’t worry. We’ve also been working on a series of video tutorials you can watch in Infraspeak Academy, under the “Tools and Resources” section, covering everything from the basics to preventive maintenance plan execution.

Check out our tutotial videos here.


Infraspeak Product Sessions

The Infraspeak Product Sessions are quarterly informal conversations with key-people in our company that will allow you to stay up to date with Infraspeak’s latest features and integrations, discover what to expect during the next quarter and the opportunity to ask questions. You can access them directly in Infraspeak Academy, here.


Infraspeak Academy

Leaving reviews and opening tickets

Infraspeak Academy is the place where you can get direct support from our Customer Success team, by creating support tickets to ask for help or report any bugs.


You can also share your thoughts about Infraspeak with us and the rest of the world by leaving us a review regarding your experience with our platform.


Loads of interesting content

Infraspeak Academy also gives you access to case studies with other Infraspeak customers, hundreds of blog articles on maintenance, facilities management and hospitality, and Talks at Infraspeak with the most interesting conversations with industry experts.


And this is just the beginning.

Keep in mind that we’re just getting started. Infraspeak Academy will continue to grow and, in the future, you can expect many more tutorials, training resources and useful content, as well as an ever-growing community of Infraspeak users that will ultimately contribute to helping you improve your operations and grow your business. Stay tuned!

Access Infraspeak Academy now.