Field servicing is an inherently challenging industry. 

For starters, it involves a blend of proactive and reactive maintenance, and can extend to many types of technology, from lights and HVACs to complex industrial machinery

Teams might work across different regions with various clients who have their own unique characteristics and service level agreements (SLAs). 

Field service management aims to optimise field servicing by improving organisation, centralising data, building reliable communication channels and implementing solutions for SLAs, compliance, etc. But this doesn’t come without some challenges…

4 most common pain points in Field Service Management

Field service management demands coordinating and optimising field operations, and it often comes with a set of “pains” that many organisations face.

Scheduling and Dispatching

Managing and optimising the schedules of multiple field technicians can be highly complex, especially when dealing with last-minute changes or urgent service requests. Also, ensuring the right technician with the necessary skills and equipment is assigned to the right job can be challenging and lead to long ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival);

Poor First-Time Fix Rate

First-time fix rate (FTFR) refers to the percentage of service requests resolved on the first visit without requiring follow-up visits. Inaccurate problem diagnosis can lead to technicians arriving without the right tools or parts, or they may even lack the necessary skills or training to address complex issues on the first visit. Not having the required parts available can delay repairs, necessitating multiple visits, is quite common.

Communication Breakdowns

Inefficient communication between suppliers, field technicians, and customers can lead to misunderstandings, idle time and delays. Failing to keep customers informed about appointment times and service updates can lead to dissatisfaction.

Performance Monitoring and Accountability

Keeping track of technician performance and job status in real-time to ensure productivity and efficiency is challenging. Without proper tracking and reporting mechanisms, it can be difficult to hold technicians accountable for their performance and adherence to schedules.

Addresing FSM issues with an intelligent software

An Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform like Infraspeak can significantly help in solving the common pains in field service management, by leveraging advanced technology and integrated solutions.

Automated Scheduling

Infraspeak can automate the scheduling process by using algorithms to optimise technician schedules based on skill sets, location, and job urgency, thus minimising the complexity of manual scheduling.

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Real-time Updating and Reporting

The platform provides real-time updates and notifications, ensuring technicians are promptly informed of any last-minute changes or urgent service requests. Monitor essential Key Performance Indicators, create customised dashboards, and explore a myriad of robust reports that shed light on every aspect of your operation. Gain insights into produtivity, asset management, compliance, and beyond!

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Optimised Routing

By integrating GPS and mapping technologies, Infraspeak can optimise routes for technicians, reducing travel time and ensuring they reach their destinations promptly, addressing long ETAs.

Infraspeak Maps

Comprehensive Diagnostic Tools and Inventory Management

Infraspeak can assist in accurate problem diagnosis by providing technicians with access to detailed service histories and diagnostic tools, ensuring they arrive prepared with the right parts and knowledge. The platform tracks inventory levels and helps ensure that necessary parts are available when needed.

Unified Communication Channels

Infraspeak offers a centralised communication platform for suppliers, technicians, and customers, reducing misunderstandings and improving coordination. The Infraspeak Network™ enhances field service management by creating a connected workspace that facilitates efficient collaboration and data sharing, ensuring that all parties have real-time access to the information needed for job completion.

Also, the platform can automatically send updates to customers regarding appointment times, delays, and service updates, enhancing full transparency.

Performance Monitoring

Boost your team’s productivity with intelligent field service management software.

Infraspeak provides real-time tracking of technician performance and job status, allowing managers to monitor productivity and efficiency closely. Technicians can use mobile devices to receive job details, updates, and customer information in real-time, ensuring they are always informed.

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The platform allows you to track various performance metrics, making it easier to hold technicians accountable and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, Infraspeak can facilitate feedback loops and track performance trends, helping managers identify training needs and provide targeted support to technicians.

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