Don’t get lost in day-to-day operations. Infraspeak Maps shows you the way to a more agile and efficient operation. How?


Discover the main advantages in Infraspeak Maps

a) Everything is visible on your Maps

Maps is the latest app from Infraspeak, designed to give you unprecedented visibility into your business, distributing your operations on an interactive map. It’s so simple, a quick glance at this app keeps you up to date with everything that is going on, from open work orders to ongoing planned job orders. With Maps you can see your buildings, equipment and locations according to their actual location and you can instantly see what work is being undertaken in these buildings or assets.


Maps also gives you the ability to locate your team and see what they are working on, so it’s easier to coordinate on a day-to-day basis and distribute work in a balanced and efficient way. Thus, you can optimise the allocation of resources and improve the management of your team.

Infraspeak Maps


b) Technicians in the right direction

On the technician’s side, Maps also offers many advantages, mainly through the seamless articulation with navigation tools, such as Google Maps, already installed on the smartphone.


By clicking on the “Go To” button, available on the location or equipment sheet, your team members will be able to follow the best route to their destination, without getting lost.

You can reduce your team’s stress and keep clients happy while saving time and money.


Another advantage of Maps is the automatic updating of the buildings’ and assets’ coordinates by reading NFC tags or QR codes. If you select this option, each time the technician reads an NFC tag or QR code, the coordinates corresponding to that building, equipment or location can be automatically updated, improving the accuracy of actual location data.

Infraspeak Maps

c)  From Maps to Dashboard 

By combining the different layers and filters, you can easily choose the information you want to see, customising your Maps. You can, for example, decide to:


See only locations with planned job orders in progress, from the XPTO client and see if there are technicians in those coordinates.


The good news is that you can add each of these maps to the Dashboard, creating widgets, so you don’t have to reselect layers and filters when you want to see that information again. Create a map to see assets with open work orders, another to see only your locations, and yet another to simply see the buildings alone… the possibilities are limitless!

How can you start using Infraspeak Maps?

The first step to begin using Maps is to connect it to Infraspeak. Go to the Hub, enter the Apps & Add-ons tab, find Maps and connect it. If you have any problems connecting, contact your administrator or your Customer Success Manager.


The next step is to configure the settings related to the automatic update of the coordinates through the Technician app (it is very simple!).


Once you have completed these steps, you are all set to start taking advantage of Maps:


  • Find your buildings, locations and equipment on the map, as well as your team. All will be clearly marked and identified through a highly intuitive system of icons, which you can click on to access more information;
  • Know where work is taking place. Icons also identify open work orders and ongoing planned job orders;
  • Explore layers and filters, add widgets to the Dashboard with your preferred views, and get personalised insights into your operation with a simple jump to the Dashboard (available soon);
  • Help your technicians get to the right place, at the right time, by giving them the option to follow directions to the coordinates of the next service.


With Infraspeak Maps you’ll have unprecedented visibility into your operations, so you can make your business more efficient.

Find it in our Hub and follow your operations in the field. If you have any questions, or if you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.