Pool maintenance can be a headache for many hotel managers. When maintenance isn’t done correctly, owning a pool can be a huge financial burden on a hotel’s budget and take up a lot of the technicians’ and managers’ time.

So, why is pool maintenance so important to hotels?

When managing a facility like a pool, a gym, a hotel or a sports centre which is constantly used by hundreds of people every day, it is necessary to follow a strict maintenance plan in order to ensure that the facility is in the right condition for your customers to enjoy using it.

Given the obvious hygiene problems associated with a poorly run swimming pool, a well-organised plan is especially important.  Indeed, there actual laws which dictate the strict procedures a collective-use swimming pool must adhere to. It is worth noting that chemicals are just the beginning of the story! A far more detailed and rigorous plan is needed.

Effective preventive pool maintenance allows you to:

  • Keep the swimming pool water crystal clear…
  • Avoid harmful algae from blossoming on the surface…
  • Prevent the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Prevent unwanted odors

What maintenance steps should you follow?

Hotel pool maintenance is composed of several tasks and differs according to the swimming pool’s location and intensity of usage.

We have previously written about the benefits of preventive maintenance vs. corrective maintenance and hotel maintenance is a great example of an operation that benefits tremendously from a focus on prevention.

If you have hundreds of people using your pool every day, water quality becomes a key concern.  Due to the high health risks involved in failing to properly organise and implement a cleaning routine, having a strong pool maintenance schedule is of top priority for staff at hotels.

Bottom line, regular and efficient pool maintenance saves hotels from unpredictable costs and ensures a positive customer experience.

Does your hotel have a flawless pool maintenance plan?

Here is our recommended plan that we have developed after working with benchmark hotel chains such as Intercontinental Hotels, Vila Galé and Holiday Inn Express:

  • Every 4 hours:
    • Check pool chlorine or bromine level
    • Check water pH level
    • Check water temperature
  • Daily:
    • Remove dirt and organic debris
    • Check water level
  • Twice a week (or as necessary):
    • Clean the waterline
    • Hoover and brush the pool
  • Monthly:
    • Run a bacteriological analysis
    • Check alkaline levels
    • Clean the water filters
    • Check the level of heavy metals and cyanuric acid

Do you need help?

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