When we stay at a hotel, we expect much more than a good night’s sleep. The experience should leave us wanting to come back for another stay and recommend the hotel to others. The room must be clean and comfortable. The breakfast needs to be of high quality. There must be a range of available services (gym, spa, laundry, etc.). The staff need to be helpful and friendly. In addition to these factors, guests increasingly need to be able to communicate with the hotel in various ways. 


Guests are permanently connected to apps on their smartphones, with virtually immediate access to almost everything. Uber arrives in three minutes, sushi is ready for delivery in five, reservations are made online with free cancellation, MB Way simplifies payments, and same day delivery is a reality. Just a click away, all this power has transformed the guest profile and led hotel managers to look to technology as an ally to ensure guests enjoy a memorable experience throughout their stay and generate more revenue.


Automated and personalised services, such as Guest TV, online check-in and payments, electronic locking and automatic digital communication are here to stay, allowing hotels to provide faster, simpler and more dynamic interactions.


These technological solutions bring undeniable advantages to businesses in the tourist accommodation sector, allowing you to:

  • Innovate interaction with guests, boosting the loyalty and customer convenience;
  • Provide and personalise the way hotel services are provided, contributing to an increase in revenue through automatic booking;
  • Improve positioning on the online market;
  • Streamline day-to-day operations with associated cost savings;
  • Automate routine tasks to free up time to focus on customer care and develop new business strategies.


Hotel managers need to find solutions that simplify their daily operations and free them to work on business strategy and focus on the experience of individual guests. To help managers coordinate a multidisciplinary internal team, manage suppliers, ensure smooth operations of many areas and equipment and ensure that the guest leaves satisfied, intelligent maintenance and housekeeping management platforms, such as Infraspeak, are indispensable tools.


By centralising all information on a single platform, communication between the manager, housekeeping and the maintenance team flows smoothly with no lost documents, missed calls or forgotten messages. Infraspeak is the platform with the most integrations available on the market. This means you can connect it to your accounting software, property management system (PMS), IoT air quality sensors, and more to create constant data streams, increase operational efficiency and detect opportunities for improvements and returns on investment.

We are constantly working on expanding this ecosystem further, allowing managers to integrate more software and connect more devices. This is at the core of our partnership with EZ4U.


“Currently, hospitality operators should be looking at technologies that allow them to automate and streamline day-to-day operations that cost time and lead to significant losses. Using platforms such as Infraspeak and EZ4U, they will be able to solve these problems in the short term and with utmost ease, avoiding high implementation costs or staff training. Managers, technicians, housekeeping teams, and guests can easily use the platforms.” – João Monteiro, Head of Partnerships at EZ4U

The Infraspeak & EZ4U partnership

EZ4U is a platform that operates in communications via Marketing & Transactional SMS, IVR, WhatsApp and email. EZ4U offers solutions to enhance and facilitate communication between companies and customers. It is used by more than 3500 companies in various sectors such as tourism, health, retail, transport and banking.


Integrating Infraspeak with EZ4U’s solutions will have a tangible positive impact on your guests’ stay.  


With this integration, all requests made via WhatsApp, chatbot, and SMS are converted into maintenance and housekeeping requests on Infraspeak, allowing you to improve your service quality by reducing the response time to your guests’ requests.  


Communicating with customers using apps like WhatsApp, one of the most used apps worldwide creates a domino effect. It facilitates communication and increases the likelihood of guests reporting problems. This helps resolve issues quickly and improve the guest experience. 


It is also possible to make your hotel’s service network available on WhatsApp. This makes the guest experience more comfortable and user-friendly. They can find out what your hotel offers, view a photo gallery, or access the price list to schedule a massage or yoga class. Easy and immediate booking of hotel services can contribute to an increase in revenue without time costs. 


 “The most impressive result of the partnership between EZ4U and Infraspeak is the WhatsApp chatbot. This offers major improvements in reporting breakdowns or housekeeping requests, as the customer can conveniently use WhatsApp to report a problem. The hotel staff is notified immediately and can act appropriately. In addition, the entire service network of the hotel can be made available on WhatsApp and the guest, in just a few clicks, has access to the full offer of the hotel. They will have access to the price list and the booking system of the Spa, for example. This ease and practicality are crucial nowadays because guests are more and more technological and more and more demanding.” – João Monteiro, EZ4U


Advantages of automating guest communication via WhatsApp:

  • Flow automation with command recognition.
  • Content implementation such as images, videos, files or emojis.
  • Integration with external systems for synchronisation with services.
  • Automatic responses to guest requests.

“We are delighted that, through the partnership with EZ4U, we could substantially increase the number of communication channels available to interact with Infraspeak. This removes any friction in the communication process between customers and operational teams, especially as far as premium channels such as WhatsApp or SMS are concerned. It is a step forward, allowing customers or guests to participate in the day-to-day operation. It is once again evident what drives us – being the only platform on the market focused on management” – Carlos Queirós, Head of Platform Partnerships at Infraspeak


How to activate this integration? 

If you are an Infraspeak customer and are interested in this integration, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager. They will give you all the necessary support for the setup and operation of the integration.


Not an Infraspeak customer yet? Schedule a personalised demo of our intelligent maintenance management platform and discover how you can make your business smarter, more flexible, and more connected.