The “Resort of Experiences” is located in Oliva, in the south of Valencia province. It has a hotel, 130 flats and villas, spa and fitness centre, golf course, among other sports and wellness facilities.


In 2021, the management chose Infraspeak as its first maintenance management solution, connecting it to more than 4000 assets.


The previous problems

Before using Infraspeak, Oliva Nova organised its reactive maintenance operations based on an old system, with a bare minimum level of detail that only allowed sharing the room number and a brief description of the problem. Furthermore, access to this system was very limited, with only the reception team having access to it.


The team ended up using other means to inform the maintenance department: phone, WhatsApp, SMS, email, or even conversations in the corridors. Because of all this, the information was separate and disjointed.


There were serious coordination problems among the team, and, on the other hand, the maintenance manager had great difficulty in assessing the priority of the tasks and their demands. This generated loss of information and less than ideal response times.


The search for a solution: why Infraspeak?

According to Luis Borho, General Manager of the Resort, after evaluating different solutions, Infraspeak seemed the most agile, with a simple and user-friendly interface.


“It should be remembered that the maintenance team, in general, is not as familiar with computer applications as other departments that use them on a daily basis.”


Other reasons highlighted were the fact that the application is multi-device, which allows it to integrate with other systems and create a global maintenance “dashboard”, bringing together data from different solutions.


A before and after

“Infraspeak represented a big qualitative step forward. We went from the Stone Age to the 21st century, and Infraspeak was fundamental to that. “


Now, all breakdowns are reported via Infraspeak, quickly, easily, and efficiently. The maintenance manager has an overview of all breakdowns and coordinates them in a unique way and with all the details he needs, allowing him to assess the priority of the tasks.


The great advantage of Infraspeak in terms of leadership and management — Visibility

  • About breakdowns: allows you to know the level and amount of breakdowns that are being reported and those that are being dealt with.


  • About facilities: allows you to know if the condition is improving or deteriorating and to analyse if it is necessary to invest instead of repairing.


  • About the team: exact perception of the amount of work done by the team. Before, the decision to hire more staff was subjective, based on a feeling. Now it is something concrete and can be calculated from data.


The implementation process

According to Javier Seguí, Head of Technical Services, the Infraspeak implementation process went smoothly, although change always involves some initial vertigo. “At the beginning it was complicated because we did not have any management software like Infraspeak’s, and everything was new. Then everything became quite simple thanks to the Customer Success team.”


First, there was a contact to outline the main objectives. This was followed by meetings with the Customer Success team in which they explained exactly how the platform works and the value of each of its features for the different areas of operation.


The third step was collecting data from the facilities and uploading it to the system to register the assets. Then came the process of training the users.


“At first, the team was a bit reluctant; it is very difficult to change working habits. But after a few days they were fully integrated. Today they have control of all the work, and everything is reflected in the system.”


And finally, the start-up!


Javier highlights the “control of breakdowns and preventive tasks”. By keeping a record, you can see if a problem is repeated and search for a solution. The improvement is the control of the tasks because the quantity remains the same or is even higher, since now all breakdowns are recorded in the Infraspeak platform.


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