At the moment, the digital transformation of the hotel industry is unstoppable. It is an automation process which enables companies to increase the digital integration of their internal routines and how they communicate with their guests, partners and service providers, opening up new business opportunities, optimising tasks and, even, brand positioning.


At the same time, the profile of tourists is becoming increasingly digital. More informed, with more criteria in mind when searching the internet, in favour of personalised experiences, always connected to social networks and, with the pandemic, increasingly keen on remote, agile interactions with less wait time. 


Hotels have to try to respond to these needs and enhance the quality of service. In practice, and generally, this translates into a series of automated services, virtual registrations and payments, electronic keys, QR code readers and automatic digital communication. Hence, spaces become smarter, more integrated and focused on the guests’ experience. 


In these hotels of the future, hotel managers have to find solutions that simplify their day-to-day work and free them up to be able to take on a more strategic and less administrative or operational role. 


To help them in the mission to coordinate a multidisciplinary internal team, manage suppliers, deal with guests and ensure the proper working of infinite spaces and teams, smart maintenance management platforms, like Infraspeak, are essential. 


By centralising all of the information in one platform, communication between the manager, housekeeping service and maintenance technicians flows, without bits of paper getting lost, calls going unanswered or messages being forgotten. Your team responds to requests or incidents almost immediately thanks to the instant notifications. Guests appreciate the fast and error-free service.


In addition, Infraspeak is the platform with the most integrations on the market. This means that you can connect it to your accounting software, your property management system (PMS), WhatsApp, IoT air quality sensors, among many others, to create flows of data, increase efficiency and detect opportunities to improve. 


Each day we work hard to expand this ecosystem even further, enabling managers to integrate more software and connect with more devices. Our partnership with Nonius stems from this idea. 



Nonius is a multinational company which designs, develops and implements technological solutions to optimise a hotel’s routines and reinvent the digital experience of the guests. 


One of Nonius’ solutions worth highlighting is the mobile application which is tailor-developed for each hotel. Fully customisable, the app offers guests a completely contactless stay, while also reducing the points of physical contact and improving hotel operations. In addition, it also enables hotels to offer guests a more enjoyable experience, present their services to them, give them autonomy to place orders easily, which means a saving for guests and an improvement in satisfaction. The features available include online registration, virtual concierge, digital key and express checkout. 


As well as the mobile app, Nonius also offers you an interactive TV platform for hotels, which integrates the main PMS providers and enables guests to order room services, book services, have the room bill in real time to simplify checkout, among other functions.  


Talking of PMS, we simply must highlight the Nonius HUB, which enables fast integration with more than 100 external hospitality systems, including door locks, room controls and the main PMS on the market: Opera, Protel, NewHotel, Infor, Cloudbeds, Mews, TOTVS, InovGuest, among many others. 


The Infraspeak & Nonius partnership

Integrating Infraspeak with Nonius technological solutions has a real and positive impact on your guests’ stay.  


On the one hand, it enables your guests to report problems or send orders directly through the mobile app or interactive TV. These problems and/or orders automatically generate incident reports on Infraspeak, which enables you to act on them immediately, removing staff from the process and reducing reaction times. In addition, the room status is synchronised and updated according to the actions recorded on Infraspeak. 


On the other hand, it enables you to integrate Infraspeak with the PMS of your choice (a reminder that you have 28 available to you). This means centralising two key pieces of data on one of the platforms: the status of the rooms and the check-in and check-out dates. The hotel manager knows, in real time, what status each room is in and the maintenance and housekeeping teams know when is the best time to carry out their work, without disturbing guests. When the work is carried out, the room becomes “available” and all of the teams are updated. 


By integrating Infraspeak’s intelligent maintenance management platform with Nonius’ technological solutions, you will increase the efficiency of your hotel’s processes and routines, providing a personalised and flawless experience to your guests and increasing the profits of your business.  


“The integration between Infraspeak and Nonius creates the first truly integrated hotel management experience. We are talking about a revolution in the way a hotel works, making the same information available in all departments, enabling plans and tasks to be automated and the reduction in the downtime of a unit to the minimum possible.” – Carlos Queirós, Head of Platform Partnerships at Infraspeak.


“We’re delighted to announce a new integration between Nonius and Infraspeak, an exciting development for all partners and guests. This integration will allow the hotel to unify all communication channels. The resulting impact this will have on request execution will vastly improve guest experiences, as providing feedback will now be possible from either a smartphone app or even from the comfort of your bedroom, using our interactive TVs. Central to this new integration is the Nonius HUB, which bridges the complex communication paths from your chosen PMS, allowing you to focus on improving your operation and your guest experience.”  – Raul Carvalho, Director of Software & IT Consulting at Nonius


How do you activate this integration? 

Integrating the maintenance system with external software is no longer such a mammoth task. The protocols of standardised data exchange and cloud computing have made this type of integration possible in, literally, five minutes, with both systems always kept up to date. 


However, it is something that requires planning. That’s why, if you are an Infraspeak customer and are interested in this integration, either with the mobile app, interactive TV or with one of the PMS from Nonius HUB, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager. They will help you to identify what information you need from the external software to support your maintenance operations on Infraspeak and which operational data is important for the platform to be integrated. 


Still not an Infraspeak customer? Book a personalised demonstration of our intelligent maintenance management platform and discover how you can give your operation more flexibility, connectivity and intelligence.