Every maintenance manager knows that managing infrastructure, be it a large building or simple equipment, is a time consuming and complex process. Fortunately, there are management tools that are specifically designed to help simplify and organise this task.

Whatever business area we are talking about, the level of customer satisfaction must be measured over time according to their overall experience, rather than just in an isolated moment, with a unique focus on their interaction with the product. It is important to optimise all processes to make sure that nothing gets in the way of providing a pristine customer experience, whether in retail, hospitality, catering, health services, among many others.

Centralised information

The goal is to bring everything that is needed to manage or execute the work together in a single, 100% digital platform. It marks the end of unsustainable business models as companies move towards being more environmentally friendly and stop relying on countless Excel files, emails and calls. Additionally, it allows you to easily file and access all technical and legal documentation of the equipment without spending large amounts of time rummaging through mountains of paper.

Easier communication

Maintenance management software allows for a greater and better flow of communication between your entire team. It should provide an application where technicians, users, and even customers can report failures at anytime, from anywhere. A hotel is a good example of a business model where the guest experience is heavily dependent on a good response time to operational issues.

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Additionally, in-built chat features allow for all staff to conveniently exchange messages with each other and share updates.


Systems like Infraspeak are designed to be adaptable to every team, every business and every task out there. From the management of requisitions to economic analysis or addition of digital signatures, there are numerous add-ons that can be incorporated according to the needs of the client.

Increased productivity

With the right maintenance management software you can access detailed reports and practical and valuable indicators of the operation and costs of the business. Furthermore, it allows for you to plan and execute preventive maintenance measures that can help to shrink expenditure caused by unforeseen breakdowns and extends the usability of equipment.

Technology working for you

NFC tags can be used to identify and monitor the performance of equipment in-real time from anywhere. It is a close-proximity technology that does not require cables or wires and allows for an easy exchange of information between devices.


Systems such as Infraspeak are available both as a web app with a full suite of management tools but crucially, as a mobile app as well.

All information is quick to access and thanks to smartphones, can literally fit in the palm of your hand. To do this, simply tap your device on the unique NFC tag placed on the equipment and you will immediately have access to the full range of reports and data inputted by your team of technicians.

Ease of use

A well designed maintenance management software will charm even the most stubborn of workers with an intuitive, user friendly platform which is easy to adapt to.

Task assignment

A maintenance management solution allows for the manager to follow the maintenance team’s schedule in detail, to track their responsibilities and tasks and to appropriately distribute the work according to their schedule and skills. It means there is no information lost and the task lists remain very clear and accessible to all members of staff.

Reduced costs

Systems like Infraspeak allow managers to make rigorous and detailed management of costs, purchases and to consult the status of their inventory. As we all know, “time is money” and for this reason, as a programme that can streamline the work schedule of technicians and managers, Infraspeak will have a hugely positive on your budget and expenditure performance.

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