If the next time one of your Infraspeak Direct users reports an equipment failure and Infraspeak seems extra-intelligent and starts anticipating their inputs, don’t be scared! It hasn’t come alive, it’s not sentient and it doesn’t intend to exterminate your team (yet).

It’s just the first of many Artificial Intelligence features of Infraspeak, which will save users even more time and make your team’s day-to-day even more efficient!

Smarter failure reporting

For failure reports generated through Infraspeak Direct’s web interface, our system uses AI algorithms to analyse the user history and generate the best suggestions for failure locations, areas and types, during the reporting.

This feature is especially useful to users who consistently report the same types of failures, in the same locations.

AI Maintenance

Several improvements on Indicators

Exporting chart images with values and labels

With this improvement, users who want to build their own personalised reports or presentations can export chart images with their respective values and labels.

New drill-down criteria on corrective maintenance indicators

We’ve added Pause Reason and Type of Location as drill-down criteria on corrective maintenance indicators. The first will allow users to identify the most frequent reasons why failure resolutions are paused and diagnose possible bottlenecks in the operation. The latter allows for analysis of failure behaviour on different types of locations, separately. For instance, users working in hotels might want to analyse failures in Rooms vs, Common Areas.

Time filters can now go up to the second

Time filters on indicators can now be precise up to the second. This improvement is particularly useful for users who work shifts and who would like to analyse only parts of the day (for instance, from 7:00:00 to 16h59:59 and from 17:00:00 to 22:59:59).

Maintenance Indicators

Improvements on Infraspeak Operations

Photo upload to failure reports

Just as in the technician’s app and Infraspeak Direct, it is now possible to upload photos during failure reporting for better identification of the problem.

New warnings when measurements are missing

When executing a given task on Infraspeak Operations, technicians will now get a warning any time a measurement included in that task has been left blank. This message is especially useful when executing works with multiple tasks and its purpose is to ensure that users don’t forget to input important measurements.