If there’s anything we can all agree about 2020 is that it was an incredibly odd and challenging year for everyone.

Adaptation was the word of the year and we had to constantly reinvent ourselves in order to match all the new things the world kept throwing at us.

Infraspeak was no exception to that. We had our challenges, sure, but we also had our wins and we were lucky enough to come out of this year with new experiences, a much larger family and, of course, many new stories to tell.

Here are some of them. We hope you like it!

Out with the old, in with the new

Infraspeak truly lived up to its New Year’s resolution and after its company retreat, it was time to announce the first new shiny things we had in store for 2020. The new year brought new features, new offices and even a new Infraspeak

2019 had seen our team almost double in size so Infrapeak’s company retreat in January was also our biggest ever. Today, and approximately one year later, there’s almost 90 Infraspeakers so a new office was definitely in the works in order to accomodate our fast growing team.

But we didn’t really stop there and in February we launched the much anticipated New Infraspeak. A simpler, faster, more intelligent and, let’s face it, absolutely gorgeous version of our platform. 

With a bigger team came a bigger (and better!) product and it didn’t take long for us to start releasing new tools for our intelligent maintenance management platform. In March, bad reception or network problems stopped being an issue for technicians using Infraspeak, as they could now create and execute work orders while working offline.

COVID-19 has entered the arena

April brought us the unexpected news that would eventually shape the rest of the year for Infraspeak and the world: COVID-19. 

The initial shock quickly gave way to an enormous community effort to find ways to deal with the pandemic in creative ways. Tech4Covid19, a group of more than 5000 tech volunteers co-founded by Infraspeak’s CEO Felipe Ávila da Costa and other Infraspeakers, worked tirelessly to create solutions that helped health professionals, improved education and contributed to bettering the lives of those who needed it the most.

In May, Infraspeak expanded its efforts to help defeat the pandemic and launched Place Checkup: a platform that enabled establishments to tell their customers they were sticking to the necessary security procedures to mitigate the contamination of COVID-19. The result? Thousands of doors in dozens of countries displayed the Place Checkup COVID-19 Prevention Seal building trust amongst shoppers and consumers.

But we weren’t quite done yet and in June, we launched the Clean & Safe Seal platform. Issued by Turismo de Portugal, it certified compliance with the safety and hygiene requirements set by the National Tourism Authority.

Living and learning in the sun

The summer months didn’t just bring back sunny days and warmer temperatures. With renewed energy and hope in the future, we went back to working on making life better for everyone, through our intelligent maintenance management platform.

In July, we launched the very first chapter of our new story, our IoT Store, which allowed Infraspeak users to improve their operational management by gaining access to the latest IoT technology.

In August, we took everything we had learned from the torrent of live streaming and podcasts we had seen and produced and launched Talks at Infraspeak: a community effort where industry professionals could come together to meet, share and learn from each other’s experiences.

And finally, in September, after most of the team had come back from their holidays and when going to the beach was (sadly!) no longer an option, we awed everyone away and returned to work with a fresh face with Infraspeak’s New Visuals

One down, two to go

You can’t build a house without a solid foundation, can you?

With new visuals, new content and the beginnings of a new story in place, it was time to get to work, use the few months we had left in the year and make the rest of the things we had planned happen!

October was a busy month: we launched the much requested Gatekeeper app, increasing risk awareness and regulation compliance for Infraspeak users, and won the  Best Building Operations Startup award at the Builtworld Proptech Innovation Contest.

In November and December and with the year coming to an end, we just had to step things up a notch and we did just that by finishing up the two chapters of our new story.

November saw the unlock of dozens of third-party software integrations that Infraspeak users could connect their operations to, gaining access to a much larger and powerful tool and right in time for the holidays, we released Infraspeak Hub™ to finish the year in style. With the Hub, Infraspeak users can build their own Infraspeak by connecting our native apps to available integrations and even hardware, into a single platform that matches the exact specifications of their businesses.

Is that all?! What’s next?

Seriously?! After all of that?!

But that’s fine. We were expecting that!

2020 might have been a challenging year but we wouldn’t be Infraspeak if we didn’t find a way to also make 2021 challenging. We have lots of new things planned and while we’re not quite ready to share them with you yet, we’d love to invite you to be a part of them by witnessing the growth of our company in the upcoming year.

We’re grateful to have had you by our side during our journey these past few months and would like to say you’re an amazing companion for other journeys ahead.

Have a great new year, friend. We’ll see each other again soon.