Yes, it’s true. Buying materials and/or services can be quite the challenge. 


There are lots of different options and finding the right balance between price and quality isn’t exactly easy.  Let’s just say that buying isn’t a problem but buying well… that’s another story.

The good news is that now you can use Infraspeak to make sure you’re buying right! How? We’re glad you asked but, before we get to it, think about how quote management at your company works.


  • How many quotes do you usually request before a purchase?
  • How do you process and evaluate each quote?
  • How long does comparing quotes take?


Quote Requests is the latest feature of our Purchases app and was developed specifically to help you acquire materials, parts or services in a much easier, and efficient way. 

Quote Requests in Infraspeak

Infraspeak Quote Requests


Before going ahead with any purchase, you can use this tool to:

  • Request quotes from different vendors;
  • Consolidate all received quotes and compare them easily and quickly;
  • Accept the best offer (or at least the one you can’t refuse);
  • And finally, convert it into a purchase. 


With this new feature — Quote Requests you can centralise every step of making a purchase. It’s smart, fast and efficient.

New quote requests In Infraspeak


Connect everything

By now you’re probably already aware that Infraspeak’s Purchases app syncs with our Stocks app. This means that every time you buy materials through Infraspeak, the available stock in your warehouse automatically updates.


Since Quote Requests are part of your Purchases app, every time a quote is accepted and converted into a purchase, it will also automatically sync with your Stock app, making everything as intuitive as it gets.


You may also request quotes directly from a work order at the very moment you need to acquire new materials, parts or external services. It’s pretty convenient, isn’t it?


The work order, the quotes you received and the actual purchase become automatically associated with each other, making data management extremely easy.

Quote request in a work order, in Infraspeak


On top of that, you can also request quotes and associate them to job orders, making all information related to the job readily available at all times.


Whether you’re trying to buy materials, needed parts or external services, request quotes from different vendors and find the right option for your budget and the needs of your business. Infraspeak is here to help.

Purchasing after comparing quotes in Infraspeak


Never buy without Quote Requests

Never buy without Infraspeak.


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