The Information Age we live in means that powerful data is one of the most valuable commodities around — data-wealth should be every business’ aspiration. 


Infraspeak already provides a lot of strategic data for your operation: operation costs, labour time, planned maintenance percentage, the average time to complete work orders, etc. However, you could argue the real value comes when you integrate our platform with other analytics tools.


Infraspeak supports a powerful integration with Microsoft Power BI. The acronym BI – Business Intelligence – suggest it does exactly what it says on the tin. 


Let’s find out more!


Infraspeak & Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence.


This extensive tool connects and aggregates data from many sources; creates custom dashboards and reports and unites all the information you need to make more strategic decisions on your operation. 


Infraspeak’s plug & play integration with Power BI places your operation’s key data, such as work orders, planned jobs, and asset information,  on the same dashboard as other relevant information, like billing and utility data, providing you with a reliable single source of truth. It also generates graphs and comprehensive reports, leading to a much broader overview of your business.


 By overlapping the data gathered from Infraspeak with the data you have on Power BI, you will improve your company’s business intelligence and your decision-making. 

Benefits of integrating Infraspeak with Power BI

There are many advantages to integrating maintenance management software and analytics platforms.


Expanding the data and reporting capabilities of your maintenance management software by connecting it to an analytics platform allows you to have a much more in-depth analysis of your operation, which in turn improves your company’s business intelligence. This type of integration will improve your decision-making, and help you perform analytical tasks more efficiently. 



Cross-reference  Infraspeak’s Analytics app data with Power BI data. 

Infraspeak’s Analytics app displays dozens of indicators related to preventive and reactive maintenance, as well as resource usage, staff distribution and spending. 

By connecting those indicators with Power BI insights you will get not just an integrated management tool, but a powerful ally for all your decision-making.



Cross-reference  Infraspeak’s Economic Analysis data with Power BI insights.

Infraspeak offers a financial and operational overview of your assets so you can track relevant financial, accounting and operational data and costs in real-time. You just need to provide the platform with asset’s acquisition costs and expected lifetime to receive automatic updates on depreciation costs and current economic value. 

Infraspeak can also help you to track how your operational costs evolve by cross-referencing data from asset life with resource usage and other maintenance costs.

This analytical capability gives your Finance team, which generally lives inside Power BI, a constant flow of information about your business operational costs and allows them to create interactive dashboards that link to all data sources required. 



Complement Infraspeak’s reporting capabilities with tailor-made charts and reports

Working hard in the background, Infraspeak processes the data generated by thousands of daily tasks, allowing facilities and maintenance managers to produce accurate business performance reports.

The integration with Power BI allows you to create custom dashboards and reports from larger data sets, making data analysis and sharing more simple, quick, and insightful. 

By using this integration, we hope to finally have access to a tailor-made dashboard that allows us to gain more visibility over our operation and improves our strategic insights to enable better decision-making.”  Ivan Ferreira, Business Unit Manager, Brasanitas Hospitalar

How do you activate this integration?

Users of Infraspeak’s plug-and-play integration with Power BI can use it virtually immediately. Activate it, let us work our magic and off you go! Easy as that. 

Infraspeak’s Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP) and Power BI work perfectly first time round!  There’s no need for adjustments by Infraspeak’s team, or even your clients.

Not an Infraspeak user yet?

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