Almost 5 years ago, Infraspeak revolutionised the industry by being the first to apply NFC technology to maintenance and facilities management. Today, we’re more than 5,000 technicians and engineers, managing over 50,000 buildings every day.

Now, at the dawn of a new decade which will surely define a new era of Facility Management, we’re leveraging this collective knowledge to innovate again and to make our solution simpler, faster, more intelligent and ready to lead the way into the ’20s as much more than a CMMS.

So… What’s changed in the New Infraspeak?

  • Better user experience
    Simplicity and organisation are two of the our platform’s key attributes.


  • Better data, smarter insights
    The software is much more powerful in terms of data treatment and visualisation.


  • More done with fewer clicks
    No more unnecessary steps to complete simple actions. For us, speed is key.

The New Infraspeak is cleaner and more organised.

We understand better than anyone that a tool meant to simplify the lives of maintenance managers and technicians must be simple itself.

New Infraspeak

The new interface has a lighter, friendlier and clutter-free appearance, with white as its predominant colour, serving as a background for your daily activities.


Everything in its right place.

The display of the New Infraspeak’s structural components (such as menus, filters, and sidebars) has been thought out in order to simplify the navigation inside the platform.

New Infraspeak


Standardised module design.

So you find everything you need, we’ve increased the consistency in the layout between the different modules and created a colour system to make them more easily recognisable!

New Infraspeak

Other design improvements.

  • More icons!
    To facilitate their identification, now more buttons inside the platform have icons that represent their function.


  • Navigation panel
    The old horizontal menu bar on top has been replaced by a friendly navigation panel on the left side of the screen.


The New Infraspeak is more intelligent.

High-quality data is crucial to obtain the smartest insights possible and to enable truly intelligent operations.

New Infraspseak

The charts for measurements done on any asset will now display the average, minimum and maximum values recorded, which are automatically updated with every measurement and depending on the time-frame being analysed.


Intelligent, auto-adapting filters.

There are even more filter options, which will automatically change based on context (for instance, depending on the status selected for preventive tasks).

New Infraspeak

Work scheduling made simpler and smarter.

When scheduling cyclical tasks, the New Infraspeak will provide you with a list of the most commonly used task frequencies, and a quick way to shift the schedules between weeks.

New Infraspeak

Other intelligent improvements.


  • Specific tab for measurements
    All measurements that are done on an asset and respective graphs are now in their own tab inside the asset’s side panel.


  • Zoom and auto-scale
    It’s now possible to zoom in and out on measurement graphs, which will automatically scale up or down accordingly.


The New Infraspeak is faster and more intuitive.

There are several improvements that help teams accomplish even more with fewer clicks.

To avoid the need to open full detail windows, you can now view the basic details of an object (for instance, an open failure within an asset’s sidebar) on click, with an option to open the full details if needed.


Work duplication made (much) easier.

Need to create multiple work plans that are similar or to duplicate one that already exists? Easy! When in the works list, simply click the new “Duplicate Work” option.

New Infraspeak

Editing information on the spot.

The details of any work, failure or asset can now be easily edited on the spot, either inside its full details window or directly in the new side panels we’ve created for them.

New Infraspeak

Failure status on asset sidebars.

The staus of all open failures relative to an asset will now be visible on that asset’s side panel.

New Infraspeak

Other relevant improvements.


  • No column squeeze
    Shortening column length on any list will no longer make rows larger in height.


  • Touch support!
    The desktop version of Infraspeak is now supported by touchscreens, so you can use it anywhere, on your tablet!


Access the new Infraspeak here!

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