Following a successful expansion through partnerships in Botswana, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, Infraspeak and its NFC-powered maintenance management platform now reach Angola, through a partnership with LGC Consulting.

The goal of the partnership is to facilitate Infraspeak’s entrance in the Angolan market through an ambitious and entrepreneurial partner, well aware of the needs, issues and possible approaches in customer acquisition.

With LGC Consulting in charge of promotion and distribution of Infraspeak’s platform in the Angolan market, maintenance and facility managers will now have access to a highly customisable and intuitive technical operations software, capable of collecting and processing a much larger amount of data into better decision making.

Luís Carrujo, CEO of LGC Consulting says “We believe Infraspeak’s platform is an essential tool at this stage of the Angolan economy for companies to manage their operations and maintenance routines, reducing costs, automating procedures, reports and information flow and giving managers a much faster access to maintenance data, a key factor in productivity”

José Vieira Marques, Head of Partnerships at Infraspeak, says “Angola is a very important market for Infraspeak. It’s currently facing some economic challenges but it’s been in a steady course towards recovery for four years now. It’s an economy with several emergent industries and a large number of infrastructures to manage which fits perfectly in the type of client Infraspeak is looking for. We’re extremely happy and excited to find a local partner in LGC Consulting given its knowledge of the Angolan market. It was definitely a match!”

LGC Consulting is an engineering consultancy firm providing auditing services to facilities and technical operations, and consultancy and training services for maintenance, monitoring, and engineering and architectural projects. It’s well known for its sustainable, innovative and efficiency-driven solutions, custom-built to fit the needs of its partners and clients.


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