We have been working hard on a series of integrations to support managers who are looking for extra modules to add to their current Infraspeak account, and for those that are looking to add the management capabilities that Infraspeak offers to the software that they are currently using. The idea is that with these integrations, Everything Works.

These integrations allow for two-way communication between Infraspeak and other systems which encourages easy management of clients, service orders, finances, consumption and much more.

We are delighted to announce one of our first integrations: a powerful module with a focus on energy efficiency.

Virtual Power Solutions (Kisense)

VPS — Virtual Power Solutions

Virtual Power Solutions (VPS) are one of the market leaders in the design and employment of dynamic integrated systems (such as Kisense). They use innovative approaches to minimise companies’ consumption, increase their energy efficiency and optimise their time management and monetisation of stock.

Kisense VPS


Already integrated into the Infraspeak Platform, Kisense is a solution aimed at the business sector, which provides and analyses consumption data in real-time. This renders the energy management decision-making process far more agile and simple.

The Kisense-Infraspeak integration allows for users to manage their energy consumption using data obtained and created via Kisense, but directly off of the Infraspeak platform. The result is:

  • A fully integrated management of maintenance and energy consumption
  • Increased efficiency of resource employment
  • Optimised investment opportunities

If you are already an Infraspeak client, you can find out more information and request this integration by getting in touch with our Customer Success team.

As well as this one, we have exciting integration options with ERP solutions Primavera and PHC (Portuguese only), as well as an integration with the Brazilian tax authority, the Caixa Econômica Federal. We also have many more being considered and awaiting feedback. Remember, the integrations that receive the most interest will be the ones developed in the future.

To find out more about the integrations that we are developing, please visit our Integrations Page and remember to leave a vote on the options that you would most like to see developed.

Learn more about Virtual Power Solutions on their official website.