Making Infraspeak the most integrated maintenance management platform on the market is one of our objectives. If you need any extra functionality in your Infraspeak, or if you’d like to add all our platform’s power to other solutions that you’re currently using, our integrations, which allow for two-way communication between Infraspeak and other systems, are the way to go.


In order to facilitate the collection of information regarding energy management and maintenance management, we’ve worked with PRIAC to develop an integration with BISYS.


About BISYS, PRIAC’s Building Management System (BMS)

BISYS – Building Intelligence System, is a multi-building, multi-protocol Technical Management software solution, capable of integrating and managing various technical equipment and systems, including video surveillance and intrusion detection, on a single platform.


The integration of BISYS with Infraspeak allows users to obtain, in real-time, the necessary information for maintenance management and energy management, namely temperature records and equipment operating hours, simplifying all the logistics associated with data collection.


This integration would not be complete without alarm communication, a fundamental information for Infraspeak users. This functionality allows, in real-time, through a bidirectional communication, to obtain and manage the alarms provided by BISYS. 


This partnership makes maintenance operations more objective and efficient, optimising investments and resources. 

Get to know PRIAC

PRIAC is a company specialised in building automation, with a great focus on innovation and continuous monitoring.



With a decade of experience, an extensive portfolio and a multidisciplinary team, PRIAC is today recognised in the market for its ability to develop and implement integrated building management technological solutions, oriented towards energy and operational efficiency.


How to get this integration


If you’re an Infraspeak customer who’d like to request this integration, get in touch with your Customer Success manager.


Besides this integration, we have others with management systems such as Primavera and PHC, and many more awaiting your feedback – the integrations that receive the most interest are the ones we’ll develop in the future.


To find out more about the integrations that we are developing, please visit our Integrations Page.