Although managing a small amount of equipment may seem easy to manage, anyone who works with devices or machines on a daily basis will have a far better understanding on the complexity of these tasks. Infraspeak Operations, one of Infraspeak’s premium apps, is a tablet-oriented interface designed especially for anyone who works in management/supervision, but often needs to register inspection, cleaning or calibration tasks.

What are the features of Infraspeak Operations?

With Infraspeak Operations, it is possible to consult information on the locations and equipment associated with the operator, to perform both spontaneous or scheduled tasks and to register measurements. It is also possible to report on, resolve and close failures all without the use of paper.

Managers will enjoy a web interface which allows  you to plan and monitor the evolution of the operators’ work in real-time, as well as consulting indicators based on their performance.

Where can Infraspeak Operations be used?

Any Infraspeak user who has few devices under his management/supervision and has to regularly register the execution of tasks or measurements will  love using Infraspeak Operations as an alternative to Infraspeak Direct or the regular Infraspeak App.

The incredible flexibility of the app means it can be used in the following industries..:


Whoever works in kitchens and bars can, for example, use Infraspeak Operations’ system to register the temperatures of ovens and refrigerators to ensure they comply with  HACCP and other regulations.

Additionally, any problem or failure detected by the kitchen team can easily be reported to the maintenance team or technical assistance companies.


Receptionists, company and store managers can use Infraspeak Operations to track and register consumption of stock, water levels and take energy measurements, as well as to record small tasks and checklists. Infraspeak Operations also helps managers to prepare for inspections and encourages them to regular internal audits.


In the case of producing goods in factories and/or workshops, Infraspeak Operations is used by machine operators or production-line workers to quickly identify and report problems on their equipment. It also allows the registration of first and second level maintenance such as cleanings, calibrations, and inspections.

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