Imagine you’re not at your computer. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Maybe you’re at a customer, at your doctor’s waiting room or at a beach in the Maldives. Maybe you just woke up in a two star motel in Marrakech on a random Tuesday and you’re not really sure why.


Regardless of the motive behind the absence from your desk the concern is always the same: “I can’t stay on top of my operations – now what?”


Well, nothing to worry about. 


Take a deep breath, grab a snack from your motel’s bar (if you’re feeling like taking risks – that is) and buy a ticket back. While you’re in the taxi back to the airport, if the phone you’re holding is actually your phone, take care of everything with Infraspeak’s Manager’s app, available for Android and iOS.


Infraspeak Manager – Wherever you are, whenever you need it.


Infraspeak’s Manager app truly makes Infraspeak a mobile maintenance management platform, allowing maintenance managers to access the full power of the desktop version on their phone.



From task and budget management to communication with your team, Infraspeak’s Manager app gives you full visibility and control over your entire operation, whenever you need it and wherever you are. And yes, this includes Marrakech! 


In short, everything you could do on your computer, now you can do on the go. Here’s a few details you might want to know.


No more delays with jobs and work orders.

With Infraspeak lying comfortably in your pocket, managing work orders and planned jobs becomes extremely easy. Infraspeak’s Manager app allows maintenance managers to approve, schedule and assign work orders to specific technicians or even the best suited suppliers.


For even more visibility and control, you can follow the progress of any work order and view additional details or maintenance history. And the same goes for planned jobs.


Work order approval in Infraspeak's manager app


Sales and budgets on-the-go

Budgeting, sales and everything else associated with it can now also be managed in the field, inside an Uber or on your way to the warehouse.


With Infraspeak’s Manager app, managers can request, send and approve budgets, automatically convert approved budgets into sales and quickly edit or send them in an email.


Infraspeak Manager app quotes


Data and KPIs


We couldn’t leave Infraspeak’s powerful Dashboard out of this blog post as it’ll keep being the first thing you see when you open our Manager app. 


Here, you can follow the performance indicators you’re interested in, from the number of work orders to the status of every task or the compliance percentage of your preventive maintenance plans.


Infraspeak Manager App KPIs


Would you like to try it?


Download it now through the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and gain control over your entire operation, all in the palm of your hand.



Are you still not using Infraspeak? What are you waiting for?

Talk with one of our specialists and find out what Infraspeak can do to bring connectivity, intelligence and flexibility to your operations.