Your maintenance operations are unique.

They’re made of unique routines, unique people, and unique challenges.

So, why settle for one-size-fits-all maintenance management solutions that don’t fully meet your team’s needs, or aren’t flexible enough to keep up with your operations as they evolve? In other words… why not build your own unique platform?

Well, that’s exactly the kind of power we’re bringing you today.

Meet the new Infraspeak Hub

Infraspeak Hub offers you an entire ecosystem of resources for maintenance management — from an ever-expanding collection of native apps, to loads of software integrations, to a world of data collected using all kinds of hardware, such as NFC tags and IoT sensors.

With Infraspeak Hub, you gain the connectivity and flexibility you need to build your own, unique, maintenance management platform, capable of answering your own operational challenges. No more, no less.

Connect all your apps, integrations and hardware into a custom solution that best fits your business, gain the intelligence you need to efficiently gear up your operations and match the increasing complexity of the world around us.

Flexible to the core.

Infraspeak Hub is where you can pick and choose from dozens of available native apps, select the ones that better suit your operations and build the basis for your own custom platform. Preventive Maintenance, Work Orders, Stocks, Purchases, Sales, Utilities, Analytics, Cost Management, Location Awareness… you name it! There are apps for every aspect of your operation and the list keeps on growing.

The most integrated platform.

In a world that gets more complex by the minute, with increasingly sophisticated infrastructures, stricter regulations and customers who expect nothing less than excellent service, integration is key.

With our huge list of available integrations, you can connect every part of your operation into a much larger and powerful tool that turns the data you collect into actionable plans.

More data, better decisions.

Through Infraspeak Hub, you can step up your operational control and collect more data on your operations with the latest technology, from NFC tags to all kinds of IoT sensors, including Energy Management, Cold Chain Management and Environmental Monitoring solutions.

Learn more about our IoT sensors here.


Find out more on our website and get to know how Infraspeak Hub can help you with an unique set of native apps, integrations and hardware, based on your own goals and operational needs.