We’re already in mid-January, can you believe it? We wanted to post this before, but a lot was happening at the beginning of the year, and 3 weeks just flew by! Nevertheless, as 2021 was such an amazing year (obviously leaving COVID aside), we want to look back and pinpoint Infraspeak’s best moments. Brace yourself, it’s time to rewind and remind!


We grew and keep growing

As 2021 began, we kept our focus on developing an integrated solution capable of helping you overtake the challenges of maintenance and facility management with ease and efficiency. We did it with the same mindset that has been accompanying us throughout this incredible journey – working hard and, most importantly, together! All of the while having some fun. (Fun is serious business for us Infraspeakers.) 


The result: 173 new teams around the world started using Infraspeak, adding up to a 65% growth when compared with 2020. We also welcomed 5000 new followers and subscribers on our social platforms, adding up to a 25% growth. It is with awe that we see Infraspeak’s community growing, giving us that extra push of motivation. Welcome and thank you!


We would also like to express our appreciation for the customers and partners that walked into 2021 with us, they were crucial for our growth, helping us steer the boat with their experience and feedback. It wouldn’t just be the same without you all! Thanks to you, the use of our platform skyrocketed, with the aftermath of 15.9 million tasks completed, about 3.4 million measurements registered, over 1 million work orders reported (yes, more than a million!), 94% of which were closed, and 127594 buildings maintained, cleaned, functional and safe. Wow! You are heroes. 


So, in short, here are the numbers of 2021:

New teams: 173 

New followers and subscribers: 5000

Tasks completed: 15972255 

Measurements registered: 3359700

Work orders reported: 1009551

Buildings maintained: 127594 


The more, the merrier

Over the last quarter of the year, we jumped yet into another stepping stone and reached the mark of 100 Infraspeakers. And the counter keeps flipping! In 2022, we aim to welcome even more talented professionals eager to be a part of this family. (Yes, we’re hiring!)


Our platform and beyond

Peering back into the evolution of our intelligent maintenance management platform, it was a remarkable year too. New apps, new features, new integrations and various new improvements. All so that we could keep simplifying the way you manage your operations and making your business more streamlined and efficient.


Take a look at the list below and revisit our most notable releases of the year. Here’s our platform’s “Best of 2021”.


Infraspeak Gear™

Let’s start with Infraspeak Gear™, the unique, intelligent core at the very centre of our platform. This is the brain that makes your maintenance management truly intelligent. Learn more about your new assistant.

Infraspeak Manager app

This new Infraspeak app revolutionised the way you manage your operations by providing extra flexibility and portability. With the Infraspeak Manager app, you can access Infraspeak wherever you are, whenever you need it. Revisit Infraspeak’s Manager app.


Quotes on Infraspeak Direct

Spring brought quote management to Infraspeak Direct™ and immediately started helping your customers streamline the purchase of parts, material and external services. Learn all about this feature.


Quote Requests

But that’s not all. Shortly after, Quote Requests was released in order to facilitate requesting and managing the quotes you receive, making your purchasing process much more efficient. Get to know Quote Requests.


Customer Satisfaction

We closed the year with our latest feature: Customer Satisfaction. This new feature allows your customers to rate your services which, in turn, lets you assess the performance of your teams accurately. If you haven’t seen all it can do for you, here’s your chance! 


In addition to all our platform’s new features, we also took the time to improve Infraspeak Academy — the place where you can learn all there is to know about our platform. In there, you can find tutorials, articles and videos, and even submit support tickets or access other content from Infraspeak’s community like case studies, webinars, product updates and much more. 


And if you just can’t get enough of the maintenance world, you can always find that juicy piece of reading in our Blog. Only during 2021, we’ve uploaded a total of 256 articles (in all languages) and 6 new ebooks. Have you read them all?


Integrating with the future

This past year also marked the beginning of a new era for Infraspeak integrations. We welcomed lots of new software into the platform and created even more solutions that fit your business perfectly. Take a look at Infraspeak’s main integrations for 2021 and see how we’re becoming the most integrated platform of the maintenance world. 



Single Sign-On simplifies the way you manage your users so that your team can access Infraspeak through the same login credentials they’re already using in other platforms. Simple, efficient and safe.



Infraspeak’s integration with Xero allows you to complement every sale you make through our platform with an automatic billing system that lets you customise different types of invoices for different types of sales.


Freshdesk (powered by Zapier)

By integrating with Freshdesk, Infraspeak improves the quality of your service by turning Freshdesk requests into Infraspeak work orders. Maintenance requests will never go unanswered with this integration.



Infraspeak’s integration with Sage simplifies the way you manage your business by combining your ERP with every purchase or sale made through Infraspeak. You can automate invoicing and coordinate with stocks and contacts.



This integration improves your relationship with your customers by turning every request made through EZ4U into Infraspeak work orders. Faster reaction times mean happier customers.


Discover all about these new integrations and find every available solution at our integration store.

And last but not (even a bit) least…

December brought the best news ever, and now we can’t take the ear-to-ear smile off our faces (you might have heard about it by now).

We raised 10 million euros in series A funding!

What better way to close the year than to have the confirmation that we’re on the right track? This new round of investment filled us with happiness, and we’re humbled to realise that our investors believe in our project as much as we do. 

Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and take this fantastic opportunity to boost our roadmap, deliver even more value to our customers and community, and explore new markets. 


Here at Infraspeak, we usually say we’re only 1% done, and you know what? We truly believe it. Stay tuned during this year, we’re aiming high!