If you like to be up to date with the hottest news in hospitality, attending conferences is the way forward for you. With opportunities to learn about the latest trends, engage in crucial networking and with a bit of luck, close deals, the events that are going to take place this year promise to be spectacular events. Check out the ones that have got us talking here at Infraspeak:

ICOHTM – September 14-15 (Kandy)

The International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Management (ICOHTM) tries to identify and discuss the best practical solutions to the many ever-evolving challenges in the hospitality and tourism industry. Expect to meet industry leaders, researchers, educators and scholars in the sector from all over the world.

The Lodging Conference – September 24-27 (Phoenix)

The Lodging Conference is a three days event of networking which includes dinner parties, refreshment breaks, golf and other leisure activities which provides you with a ton of opportunities to meet important players in the game. In 2017, the hugely successful event  gathered together more than 1800 of the hotel industry’s most influential owners, operators and presidents. As a somewhat informal event, the dress code is always casual. Pack your polo shirts because there’s no place for suits and ties. Get to know more here.

ITHMC BUDAPEST – October 17-21 (Budapest)

The International Tourism and Hospitality Management Congress (ITHMC) focuses on global tourism. The event is dedicated to giving a space for academics, industry players, government officials and other organizations to share and debate case studies and trends. The conference also includes lectures that address many varied and interesting topics, such as how to teach how to make a small hotel more appealing to travelers. Some of the other covered topics are:

  • Destination marketing and management;
  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality;
  • Sustainable tourism;
  • Tourism management and marketing;
  • Urban Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

Inspire Summit – December 13-14 (Las Vegas)

In December, Las Vegas hosts the 7th edition of the Inspire Summit. This conference is dedicated to discussing the luxury industry and aims to promote and connect hospitality owners, executives, educators and trendsetters to inspire and discuss management, investment and development strategies on the topic.