You read that correctly — the Intelligence for Maintenance Tour (IFM) is back and preparing to make an even bigger splash than last year. Let’s recap a little:

Last year, for the first time, Maintenance and Facility Managers united under one roof to discuss the future of their industry given the rapidly changing landscape they were facing, and the new categories of challenges unique to the Maintenance 5.0 Age.

Organising events in Portugal, Spain, the UK and Brazil, the IFM team created much-needed spaces to talk about the role of technology and innovation in modern maintenance operations; network and nourish relationships across the industry and begin finding answers to the biggest questions on everyone’s lips.

The response to these events was overwhelmingly positive. We were blown away by how our community dived headfirst into the opportunity to share their experience and opinion, and it was an absolute honour to provide the physical space which facilitated this crucial back-forth of ideas. Whilst the pandemic thankfully loses airtime on our news channels and list of fears, some of the lessons we learned have definitely not gone away, namely:

Being surrounded by smiling, like-minded and engaged professionals is what makes us love what we do, and in-person events are essential.

Now, let’s turn our attention to 2023.

First things first, and we mean this in a good way, expect a lot of the same!

Expect more cutting-edge industry analysis from panels of expert speakers — we’re committed to bringing you the best of the best! Grab a good seat at the front, you won’t want to miss anything!


Prepare for more networking opportunities with the sharpest minds in the industry — discussions, group activities and plenty of time to sit back and relax with friends, old and new.


More Infraspeak Awards! Last year we handed out prizes to the operations using our platform in a particularly excellent fashion. We’re delighted to announce that these are back. If you’re using Infraspeak already, there still might be time to sneak a place on the podium — get to work!


What else do you need to know?

The focus of the conversation will be different. Everyone now understands the challenges of Maintenance 5.0 and companies recognise that they can’t operate in isolation anymore. We’ll be exploring how teamwork, alignment and most importantly, collaboration in our industry will help us succeed — individually and collectively.


We’ll put on events once again in Portugal, Spain, UK and Brazil, but this time, we’ll also meet communities in 3 more destinations: South Africa, Angola and France — fun for all!


Save the date(s)!

When and where can we meet and shape the future of FM together?


Can’t make it in person? You can also attend IFM Summit Global virtually.


And that’s that!

Everything is set up to make this year’s events special and unforgettable. We’re keen for everyone who wants to join to get their spot, but of course, we can’t guarantee there’ll be space! We sold out last time and we expect the same to happen again.

Sign up for the IFM Community and follow us on LinkedIn and on Twitter to ensure you hear key information such as dates, venues and, most importantly, when official registration opens!