If a few years ago the concept of Maintenance 4.0 seemed a distant vision, today we have our eyes set on the reality of Maintenance 5.0, which proposes a change of paradigm based on an human-centric approach and sustainability.


But how will Maintenance 5.0 impact the future of the Maintenance and Facility Management sector?


That’s exactly what we will discuss at the Intelligence for Maintenance Tour 2022 (IFM), a series of international events powered by Infraspeak, aiming to promote the technology and innovation that characterise the community of Maintenance and Facility Management professionals.


It is the space and the moment to discuss Maintenance 5.0, solve today’s problems and prepare tomorrow’s challenges, feeding the discussion about the future of Facility Management with the sector players.


The IFM Tour will take place in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Brazil and counts with the participation of some of the most reputable international companies in the Maintenance and Facility Management industry.


The discussion will happen in two distinct event formats: conferences and private dinners.


The conferences will include 3 panels around Maintenance 5.0, in which topics such as Intelligence, Innovation, Team Management and Sustainability will be addressed.


These events are free to all Infraspeak customers and open to the public, who can purchase tickets to the conferences in the various cities through the links below:

Through the same links, you can also qualify for a free ticket for the event: just tell us why you would like to attend.


If you prefer, you can attend one of the private dinners taking place in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Dinner seats are limited, so don’t forget to pre-register using the forms below.


Last but not least, the IFM Tour will also host the consecration of the Intelligent Maintenance Champions, bringing back the Infraspeak Awards, which will reward the companies that stood out the most in the categories:

  • The Most Efficient Operation
  • The Most Integrated Operation
  • The Most Intelligent Operation
  • Champion of the Year


Why you should join the Intelligence for Maintenance Tour 2022

Now that you know what’s coming up, here’s why you should join one of the IFM Tour events:

  • Networking – It’s an excellent opportunity to meet and mingle with other industry benchmark leaders and position yourself as an innovator.
  • Business opportunities – It is the ideal moment to create new business opportunities for your company and your partners.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology – You will be in contact with cutting-edge technology services and products.
  • Fun! – After so long without in-person events, it’s time to have some fun. We guarantee it will be worth it!


The IFM Tour starts on the 17th February, with the Porto conference taking place in the historical Casa Ferreirinha, a space integrated in the traditional and iconic Ferreira Cellars. The locations of the remaining events will be announced soon, stay tuned!


Want to know what challenges Maintenance 5.0 has in store for us and how it will impact the future of the sector? Join us at the IFM Tour 2022 join the discussion!