Like a brave new world, CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) are still surrounded by mystery for many maintenance and facilities managers. We hate to disappoint, but there really isn’t anything mysterious about a software that can improve your team’s productivity and the efficiency of your whole operations.

It takes a long time to implement.

One of the greatest misconceptions about CMMS is that they are hard to implement or that it’s a very time-consuming process. We understand that installing a CMMS can seem like a “new world” but it’s actually more simple than it seems. With the support of a specialized team and a dedicated Customer Success Manager like we do at Infraspeak, the whole implementation process is easier and it can be made in a short time (multiple Infraspeak customers have done it in only two weeks!). Besides, Infraspeak provides a Help Desk with tutorials, implementation manuals and easy ways to contact our team.

My team won’t adapt.

Another very common fear is technicians ending up not adapting to won’t adapt to the CMMS easily. But in reality (and looking at the feedback our 200+ customers around the world have given us), the use of smartphones and a new system on their day-to-day can make teams skeptic in the beginning, but soon enough they understand how they benefit from the new technology. After using it, everyone understands how simple it actually is, and how easier their daily tasks become with instant checklists, push notifications about failures and much more at their fingertips. The only disadvantage is the nightmares your team will have about life before a CMMS…

My data isn’t safe.

Legend has it that a CMMS (or any other software, for that matter) cannot keep your data and private info safe. In the real world, very few attacks on SaaS applications have succeeded. Nowadays, your information isn’t stored in a company server, but rather in clouds connected to data farms with several layers of protection. Only authorized users can access the information you keep on your CMMS. To find more about the privacy of your data, check out our privacy policy.

It’s expensive and my company is small. 

Many managers, especially from small companies, believe that adopting a CMMS is expensive. The mistake here is looking at a CMMS as an expense and not as an investment. It’s important to always remember that a maintenance management software will allow you to streamline each process, improve your team’s performance, manage stocks, costs and utilities spending, which translates into more productivity and cost optimisation.  In fact, having a CMMS can help you save money in the long run.

Still having doubts about whether or not you should invest in a CMMS? Get to know 5 signs that you should do it ASAP or talk to one of our specialists to know all the advantages that Infraspeak can bring to your team.