5 Tips to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs
Here are 5 tips that will help you reduce maintenance costs that are reducing your profit margins and ultimately preventing your business from thriving.

7 Things a Football Game Can Teach You About Maintenance Management

Maintenance management
A football game of the Infraspeak team can teach you more about maintenance management than about football itself.

Let’s Rewind — What is Facility Management?

If you’ve landed on our blog here at Infraspeak, you’ve invariably heard of facility management. But in such a broad field, it’s not always...

10 Tips to Reduce Stress Levels in Facility Management

Stress in facility management
Occupational stress is a growing problem in the facilities management industry. Here are 10 tips on how to eliminate stress from your workplace.

What are the Most Important Skills for a Facility Manager to...

Facility manager
Facility management field is as challenging as it is diverse. For this reason, facility managers need to have a varied and wide skill set...

How to Conduct Building Management?

Building management
Good building management allows optimizing energy efficiency, maximizing the value of the building and increasing the comfort of all users. See how building management can become much easier with Infraspeak.

How Can a CMMS Help You to Save Money?

How can a CMMS help you save money
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems will not only optimize your maintenance operations and boost the productivity of your team, but they’re also a path towards significant cost reduction.

What is Maintenance Management?

What is maintenance management?
The goal of maintenance management is to control the allocation of resources, time and costs to ensure the efficiency and adequacy of the maintenance operations.

5 Signs That Suggest You Should Invest in a CMMS

5 reasons you should invest in a CMMS
Even though you may think you have it all under control, here are a few signs that you may need to consider investing in a CMMS to help you successfully carry out your duties as a maintenance manager.

What Are the Facility Management Conferences You Can Still Look Forward...

Facility management conferences in 2018
We have gathered some of the best Facility Management conferences in 2018. These events bring experts in the field for share their experiences.